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Many people find themselves grappling with a debilitating drug addiction. If this is the case for you, now is the time to address and resolve the issue of substance abuse. Read on to learn more about what drug addiction is and why attaining professional help is imperative. Discover how our treatment professionals can assist you in your journey towards holistic healing and wholeness by reading the following information!

Drug Addiction 101

Drug addiction is a chronic disease in which the individual becomes physically and psychologically dependent on a specific illicit substance. The addiction typically remains strong despite the fact that it has a wide range of life-compromising, harmful consequences on the user’s well-being in the social and professional settings. While it’s true that most people begin to use drugs on a voluntary basis, the changes created in the brain by the drug will eventually impair the user’s ability to stop using the illicit substance.

The Importance Of Attaining Help

Once you realize that you are physically and mentally dependent on an illicit substance, it’s time to attain professional help at our Lisbon, North Dakota addiction recovery center. Doing so is important for many reasons, one of which is that attempting to complete the recovery process alone can be dangerous and disappointing. For example, trying to complete the detoxification process on one’s own is problematic because most people will not know how to grapple with the withdrawal symptoms that may result from it. This is why obtaining supervised detox services in the clinical setting we provide is immensely important.

Another reason that you’ll want to attain recovery services from our Lisbon, North Dakota substance abuse treatment facility results from the fact that doing so allows you to receive dual diagnosis mental health treatment. This form of treatment is important when a client is dealing with a co-occurring mental health disorder in addition to their issues with addiction. When a client is dealing with both the addiction and a co-occurring mental health disorder, dual diagnosis treatment is the best chance of attaining one’s recovery goals.

One final reason that people should obtain drug treatment at our Lisbon, North Dakota addiction treatment clinic results from the fact that our facilities provide clients with the opportunity to attain holistic recovery services. For example, our addiction treatment facilities grant clients access to detoxification services, therapy in the form of one-on-one and group counseling, and different varieties of aftercare, such as mentor partnerships. Gaining access to these multiple forms of treatment increases the likelihood that the client will fully recover on the mental, physical, and spiritual planes.

About Our Drug Rehab Clinic

When you start looking for the ideal treatment facility, look no further than our Lisbon, North Dakota substance abuse treatment center. Within our recovery center, you’ll attain a wide range of services and amenities that will expedite and optimize your treatment journey. Furthermore, these services will be provided in a safe and comfortable environment where clients feel free to speak openly and honestly regarding the nature of their addiction as well as their progress within a safe and comfortable setting.

Another reason that we offer the ideal treatment facility results from the fact that we provide a community-oriented center. Specifically, clients are able to build positive relationships with other individuals by extending support and encouragement within the group treatment settings. Additionally, we provide clients with individualized treatment plans that will address and resolve the psychological, physical, and social challenges created by the client’s unique drug addiction.

Don’t Delay: Enroll In Our Addiction Treatment Center Today!

If you’re currently addicted to drugs but recognize now is the time to make positive changes, you can attain the assistance you need in our addiction recovery facility. By scheduling your complimentary consultation with our drug rehab center in Lisbon, North Dakota, you will take the first step towards accessing the cutting edge, customized treatment services necessary to restore your physical and mental well being. We’re ready to help you get on the road to recovery immediately, so contact us now and let’s get started!

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