Mayville Drug and Alcohol Rehab

There comes a time when addiction becomes too much to continue to bear. When that moment comes, we hope that you’ll keep our Mayville, North Dakota addiction recovery center in mind. We pride ourselves on providing clients who enroll in our drug rehab center with the support they need to achieve the goals they have set for recovery. No matter what the circumstances are that surrounded the beginning of your addiction, we can provide you with the necessary support to reach recovery. Contact us right now, and your journey to recovery can begin immediately. Let our friendly and welcoming experts provide you with the guidance you need.

When you begin your recovery journey at our Mayville, North Dakota drug rehab clinic, you’ll take part in our supervised detox program. During supervised detox, you will go through the process of purging any remnants of substance abuse from your body. This is a necessary step on the journey to recovery, but it is not always the most comfortable experience. Furthermore, in certain circumstances, the process can even prove to be dangerous. In order to provide support for the client during this stage of recovery, we offer supervised detox.

Don’t let the time you could be working toward recovery keep slipping away from you! At our Mayville, North Dakota addiction recovery treatment facility, we have the experience necessary to ensure our clients receive adequate treatment for their individual situation. In some cases, this may mean that the treatment they receive for recovery needs to include treatment for a co-occurring mental health disorder. Roughly half of our clients dealing with a co-occurring disorder in addition to their struggle with addiction. This complicated proposition is made more complex by the fact that many clients are not even aware that they are dealing with a co-occurring disorder.

Fortunately, dual diagnosis mental health treatment affords us the opportunity to provide our clients with adequate treatment for both addiction and any co-occurring mental health disorder during their time with us here at our Mayville, North Dakota drug rehab clinic. With the benefit of dual diagnosis, a client who is coping with both substance abuse and a co-occurring disorder will enjoy an exponentially improved chance at attaining their recovery goals. Furthermore, without the threat of symptoms from the co-occurring mental health disorder neutralized thanks to dual diagnosis mental health treatment, clients will be in the best possible position to maintain their recovery for the long run.

Graduates from our addiction recovery program will continue to receive support from our friendly and experienced staff even after they have left our drug rehab center. Thanks to our comprehensive aftercare programs, we will ensure that you have every opportunity to succeed in your recovery journey. Aftercare is an important part of the recovery process. We want to ensure that you have the support necessary to maintain your recovery for the long run. When you’re ready to begin your journey to recovery, get in contact with our friendly professionals today.

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