Cleveland Heights Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Treatment for Your Addiction Begins with Detox

When you are in crisis because of an addiction, it’s time to get help from our Cleveland Heights, Ohio addiction treatment center. Your first step is to enroll at our drug rehab center, where we will provide supervised detox services, so that you can be carefully monitored throughout your withdrawal. You can’t work through the recovery process until you go through detox and purge any remaining drugs or alcohol from your system.

If you struggle with a co-occurring mental health diagnosis along with substance abuse, you’ll need an addiction recovery facility that provides clients with the benefit of dual diagnosis mental health treatment. This means that you will get the treatment you need for any co-occurring mental health disorder along with your treatment for substance abuse. You will be able to focus on both at the same time, allowing your overall health to improve.

At our Cleveland Heights, Ohio substance abuse treatment facility, you will provided with a safe and nurturing environment in which to share your story. You will attend group meetings and you will work with a counselor to create a treatment plan. When you attend groups, you will be encouraged to share your struggles with addiction and participate in group discussions.

You will find a community of like-minded people when you go for treatment at our Cleveland Heights, Ohio drug rehab clinic. When you work together in groups, you will hear the stories of others who will become a sober support network for you in the future. The goal of treatment in the early stages is to listen to others who are in the same situation and support one another in your journey.

At our Cleveland Heights, Ohio addiction recovery center, we believe rehabilitation should be a positive experience. You are gaining your life back from addiction, and you will meet people along your journey that will become lifelong friends. While you may be nervous about attending treatment, you will soon discover that the atmosphere is supportive and you are not alone in a world that felt out of control just a few short days before.

Our Cleveland Heights, Ohio addiction recovery center provides you with the care you need to recover physically from the ravages of substance abuse and allows you to begin to recover emotionally from the damage it has caused in your life. You will work with a counselor to talk about your next step. You will develop a treatment plan together that outlines what your goals are in the coming weeks and months when it comes to reaching your goals for recovery.

Learning how to live life after a stay at our Cleveland Heights, Ohio addiction treatment clinic is an ongoing process. While you will learn the basics of recovery and be introduced to some of the tools you will need when you return home, you are always going to be learning new ways to cope with the stress that occurs in everyday life.

You will be able attend support groups in the community, work with an individual therapist, and learn healthy ways such as meditation to cope with stress. The better you manage your stress, the less likely you are to return to abusing substances. At our Cleveland Heights, Ohio substance abuse treatment center, we can provide you with the support you need.

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