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Recovery and Sobriety at a Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

Everyone agrees that living with addiction can be lonely and frightening. Loving someone who is suffering from addiction can be a horrible experience too. While recovery may feel out of reach, there is hope and help for those who enter an Addiction Now substance abuse treatment facility.

Our drug rehab center in Jackson, Ohio provides a serene and restful environment where clients can break the cycle of addiction and find their new life on the other side of recovery. The knowledgeable staff is trained and experienced in aiding the client and helping them navigate the confusing journey from addiction to recovery with an individualized road map and kind support.

Establishing a strategy with deliberate and attainable goals is necessary for recovery from any addiction. An experienced and educated staff at our drug rehab center in Jackson, Ohio will assess the client and create a unique path to sobriety. These steps will include a supervised detox, individual and group therapy, mental health evaluation and other treatment options. The recommended treatment plan will also include aftercare services and further treatment.

Detox is a process where client abstains from using the substance they are addicted to. The body will rid itself of the chemical toxins that keep you dependent. While this process is necessary, it is also unpleasant and dangerous. At our Jackson, Ohio addiction treatment center, the client will be supervised during this important process. The staff will use their experience to help the client have a successful, less stressful detox.

Therapy will follow the detoxification process. Specialists will evaluate each client to better understand their unique situation. With this information, the staff can create a realistic and effective plan for a healthy and lasting recovery. Through therapy, the client will discover more about themselves and will learn strategies to deal with temptation and addictive behavior.

Group therapy at a drug rehab clinic is an important part of the recovery process. The client will find comradery and acceptance in the group therapy sessions. By learning that seeing that people struggling with various addictions are on a similar road to recovery, the client will feel at ease and more apt to share their own stories.

A mental health evaluation will also be a part of the treatment options offered at an Addiction Now drug rehab clinic. Mental health issues contribute to and are exacerbated by substance abuse. To achieve a full recovery, the client’s mental health must be addressed. Specialists at an addiction recovery facility can evaluate the client’s mental health and recommend effective treatment options.

Aftercare is also an essential part of the overall recovery process. It is important that the client knows that they are not alone, even after they leave the walls of our Jackson, Ohio addiction recovery center. Aftercare includes continued guidance and therapy.

Though the journey to recovery may be a long path, with the light and guidance of the professional and loving staff at our Jackson, Ohio addiction treatment clinic, clients can restore their lives and reclaim their futures. Don’t wait, call today.

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