Marion (Township) Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The best drug rehab facilities are designed to give their clients the best possible chance at securing a long-term solution to drug addiction. Our drug rehab clinic in Marion, Ohio adheres to this ethos, putting clients first and sticking to a plan that achieves results. Over time, we have learned not only what our clients need, but also what their families need. This has allowed our Marion, Ohio addiction recovery center to secure results while building a reputation for safety and consistency. The Addiction Now approach to drug addiction recovery includes many elements that are personalized to the needs of each person who comes through our doors.

Supervised detox

At our Marion, Ohio addiction treatment clinic, we believe that recovery is the result of a process that begins with detox, continues with treatment and incorporates post-treatment options for every client. The supervised detox portion of the plan is among the most important things we do. When clients find themselves struggling with the early parts of drug addiction, it’s good to have a professional who can help them through it. Clients who come to our Marion, Ohio drug rehab center will never go through the hardest part of their recovery alone.

Incorporating a Dual Diagnosis Approach

As our clients go through the recovery process, we ensure that they are kept safe at all times. We want our clients to feel like they can speak up honestly when they have needs. This sort of personalized care gets results, we insist on it. Along the way, we adhere to most effective practices to ensure that safety is an institutional priority. We understand that no client can fully beat a drug dependence without finding the core issue that often has to deal with mental health issues. With the dual diagnosis approach at our Marion, Ohio addiction treatment center, Addiction Now ensures a long-term solution by getting down to the hard issues that have spawned addiction in the first place.

Promoting Resilience through a Community-based Approach

Clients coming to our Marion, Ohio addiction recovery facility will become a part of a larger community of people going through the same challenges. When clients feel weak, they can commiserate with other clients who are trying to get through a drug addiction. This utilizes the wisdom of group therapy programs. Group therapy has long been based on the idea that people tend to do better when they are surrounded and supported by other individuals with the same struggles and concerns. We are a substance abuse treatment facility that helps generate consistent results by bringing people together to work with skilled professionals.

Our staff is concerned mostly with the individualized success of every client who comes through our doors. We ensure that each client receives a plan that makes sense for them. In doing so, we secure results that don’t just last for a few days or weeks. Our goal is to bring about lifelong change through a process that has proven successful.

Don’t wait, call Addiction Now today to set up an appointment at our addiction treatment center in Marion, Ohio.

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