Miami Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Miami drug detox programs are available for all who believe they have a substance abuse problem or know a loved one who could be suffering from addiction.

These programs are available to those in Springboro and Franklin, and they offer the support needed to help anyone begin the first steps towards drug rehabilitation. Our medical specialists can assist anyone find the type of treatment that’s right for them whether they have an addiction to heroin, methamphetamine or another substance.

Miami Addiction Treatment Programs

When considering an addiction treatment program to treat a substance use disorder to methamphetamine or heroin, there are many different programs to choose from. Before any inpatient or outpatient program, the start of any addiction program is detoxification, a process that sheds the body of the drug, which can be a very painful process mentally and physically. These symptoms can often be severe in nature, which can increase the chances of relapse. Miami drug detox programs integrate medication into the process so as to reduce the amount or severity of withdrawal symptoms. An inpatient or outpatient treatment program can then begin once detox is complete.

Whether it is at an inpatient or outpatient program, rehab provides the individual with the means of addressing the issues that led to addiction in the first place, allowing them to better understand their addiction to prescription drugs, methamphetamine, or any other substance. Some of the primary types of treatment available in rehab include group therapy, individual counseling and family counseling. We can help each individual compare and better understand treatment programs convenient for people from Springboro or Lebanon.

Miami Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient drug rehab is the more extensive of the two treatment options. Every treatment program administered within Miami inpatient drug detox centers provides all the support needed for a patient to successfully battle addiction. Inpatient drug rehab programs are designed to involve round the clock care where patients are tended to at any given time. The time involved in these programs range in length, but are usually a few months to a year. The duration that a person stays within inpatient rehab depends mostly on the severity of their addiction and related issues as well as the threat of relapse.

For people from Springboro or Lebanon participating in Miami inpatient drug rehab, professional medical care is available around-the-clock. Individuals also benefit from being in a drug-free environment that removes temptation entirely. While inpatient programs have been proven to be more effective, an outpatient program may be the best fit, so it is important to hear all the different options and be consulted properly.

Miami Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

The two basic forms of addiction treatment for prescription drugs and cocaine are inpatient and outpatient programs. Intensive outpatient addiction treatment requires the individual to attend treatment sessions a few times every week for several hours each day. Treatment can involve a wide range of programs from group counseling, one on one therapy, and fun activities designed to enrich the person’s life.

The key difference between inpatient and outpatient treatment is that the latter allows the individual to either continue going to work or school in Miami or Franklin whenever necessary. For people with mandatory obligations, outpatient treatment may be a necessary choice to confront addiction while maintaining a job, program of study or family responsibilities since they cannot spend lengths of time in rehab.

Call our addiction specialists today in order to hear more about the variety of options to choose from.

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