Strongsville Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Few things are more difficult than trying to beat a drug addiction alone. People who are serious about breaking through their dependence have to seek professional treatment to work through their condition and live a meaningful, productive life. Our drug rehab center in Strongsville, Ohio WAS specifically designed to help clients in need. With a community-based, individualized approach to addiction care, Addiction Now is a network of addiction treatment centers that achieves lasting results. And how do we do it? Using the following methods and principles.

Individualization is Key

Every client who comes to our Strongsville, Ohio addiction recovery facility will receive a plan that will work for them. All clients are different, and we know that putting a good plan on paper for a client is about listening to their needs. This is why we encourage our clients to speak out freely about their experience and needs. We employ professionals who listen and take into account the client’s needs in an addiction treatment regimen. This is the best way to create a sustainable recovery program and achieve results.

Safety is Paramount

Clients coming to our Strongsville, Ohio drug rehab clinic deserve to be protected from harm. Those suffering from drug addiction are often in a vulnerable state. It is our job to ensure that these people remain safe during the duration of their time at the clinic. We focus on safety in everything we do, from the way our staff is trained to the precautions we take with treatment. If clients are going to successfully break through their addictions, they need to be nurtured along the way. Safety is a major part of this.

Supervised Detox to Kickstart the Process

Our Strongsville, Ohio substance abuse treatment facility recognizes that the first days of treatment are the most difficult. As clients go through detox, their bodies expel toxins that have kept you dependent upon your drug of choice. When you are not getting your full dose of the drug, you will experience withdrawal. It is during this time that clients most need professional help. That’s why Addiction Now provides supervision during this time. This makes the process much less frightening and gives the client peace of mind. Often, good information about the next steps of the recovery process can help a person make it through the difficult hours of detox.

A Legitimate Community Setting

Our Strongsville, Ohio addiction recovery center takes the idea that we are a community of people working toward the same goal very seriously. Clients get to meet other people struggling with addiction and share stories. You will create a strong support group and work to help each other through this process. More than anything, clients need to know that they are not the only one working toward this same goal. Our Strongsville, Ohio addiction treatment clinic fosters this community to bring about the best possible long-term results for our clients.

Clients who leave an Addiction Now clinic will go through a program that includes detox, dual-diagnosis treatment with an emphasis on mental health, and aftercare services. Our goal is for clients to beat addiction in the long term, we make sure our programs are designed to get those results. Call us today to get started with your consultation at our drug rehab center in Strongsville, Ohio.

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