Chickasha Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Making the decision to get help to break free from drug and alcohol abuse is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. You’re putting yourself on a path that could allow you to improve the quality of your life and the lives of those who care for you. Our drug rehab center in Chickasha, Oklahoma is one location in a network of facilities designed to help individuals like you through the detox and recovery process.

For many of the clients who visit our Chickasha, Oklahoma addiction treatment center, withdrawal is the biggest challenge they face while they attempt to achieve long-term recovery. Most people who walk through the doors of our addiction recovery facility have been suffering for some time, and have a strong desire to stop using drugs or alcohol. Many have even tried to stop on their own before visiting our drug rehab clinic. However, the pain, sickness, and mental anguish associated with withdraw breaks them. And they find themselves in a constantly revolving cycle of relapsing, going through withdrawal, and then relapsing again.

The Value of Supervised Detox

With time, this cycle of withdrawal and relapse can lead a person to believe that there is nothing they can do to break free from the grips of alcohol or drugs. Then they visit our Chickasha, Oklahoma substance abuse treatment facility and are presented with the concept of supervised detox. This changes everything. With supervised detox, a person does not need to go through the detox process on their own. Instead, they go through the detox process while being supervised by someone who understands what detox is like. They understand the symptoms the recovering individual is going to experience, and they can provide the assistance the client needs to successfully make it through the process.

Supervised detox services provide protection because they guarantee that the individual going through withdrawal does not have access to the substance they are breaking free from, making relapse all but impossible. The emotional support that is provided through this phase of recovery is key to success.

The Importance of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

When you visit our Chickasha, Oklahoma addiction recovery center, you will see the emphasis we put on dual diagnosis mental treatment. Dual diagnosis treatment allows us to treat both the addiction and any co-occurring mental health or emotional health disorder simultaneously. Research has shown time and time again that if the addiction and the co-occurring mental health disorder are not addressed simultaneously, the results are less than favorable. The importance of dual diagnosis treatment cannot be over emphasized. By providing our clients with the benefit of dual diagnosis mental health treatment, we can increase the likelihood that they reach their recovery goals.

A Caring Environment to Heal

Whether you are visiting our addiction treatment clinic in Chickasha, Oklahoma or visiting any of our other facilities, you will notice that we have worked hard to create a caring environment that is conducive to healing. Our facilities are designed to be a judgment free location where you can feel free to truthfully express yourself. Therapy sessions are confidential, and both our staff and guests are committed to helping you get better.

The road to recovery is not an easy one. But it is one that you can successfully travel. Our network of recovery facilities stands ready to provide you with the support, training, and care needed to be successful.

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