Woodward Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Our drug rehab center is dedicated to helping people just like you begin a new life. Many times, people are hesitant to reach out for help with an addiction because they are embarrassed or because they have tried to get sober in the past without success. We believe it is never too late to get the help that you need. This is why we encourage you to seek our assistance no matter what your experiences in the past. The experienced professionals at our addiction treatment center in Woodward, Oklahoma can help you to begin a new future no matter how severe your addiction may be. The first step toward recovery is to reach out for help.

If you are concerned about what it is like to work toward recovery in our Woodward, Oklahoma addiction recovery facility, we want you to know that we are pleased to offer a warm and supportive environment where you can work with our experienced staff alongside others who share the same common goal. A strong support network is essential to beginning a successful recovery. You will have that network of support to rely on while you are recovering at our drug rehab clinic. There is no need to try to do it by yourself.

The recovery process begins with a supervised detox at our Woodward, Oklahoma substance abuse treatment facility. One of the most common stumbling blocks to recovery is trying to get sober when you still have harmful toxins in your system. These toxins must be purged from your system before you can begin working toward recovery. We can assist you with this process through a supervised detox. You will be provided with supervision and care around the clock.

Once you have completed the detox process, you will then begin working on your treatment plan. This treatment plan is developed based on your specific goals and needs. We do not simply use one treatment plan for every client because every client has different goals and needs. Your treatment plan is created based on the information we receive during your initial intake. That treatment plan can also be updated throughout your treatment on an as-needed basis, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the treatment that will prove to be most effective.

Our addiction recovery center in Woodward, Oklahoma is committed to helping you achieve a full recovery that will last well after you leave our facility. One of the ways we do this is by offering our clients a full array of addiction recovery treatment services. Along with individual counseling sessions, you can also choose to participate in group counseling sessions. Both types of counseling sessions can be beneficial and an important part of your recovery.

Education also plays a critical role in the recovery process at our addiction treatment clinic. We believe it is important for clients to understand how addictions develop, so they can best overcome their addiction and maintain their recovery in the future. As such, we also provide insight to help you understand your addiction and learn how to avoid situations in the future that might endanger your recovery.

Finally, we give you the opportunity to participate in aftercare services once you have completed your time at our facility.

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