Altamont Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The Detoxification Process

If you are going through the perils of drug addiction, you need professionals who can guide you throughout the process. Addiction Now is here for you. Our drug rehab center in Altamont, Oregon provides the assessment, treatment, and aftercare necessary for you to continue with treatment even after you have left our addiction treatment facility.

Dual Diagnosis Clients

If you need an addiction treatment center to not only treat the drug addiction but any additional conditions and mental illnesses, look no further than our drug rehab facility in Altamont. Not only do we have highly trained professionals, psychologists, and therapists on staff, each of these staff members have experience treating clients that have a dual diagnosis, or co-occurring addictions and mental health conditions. If you or someone you care about has a dual diagnosis, rest assured that you will get the care you need.

Security and Safety in Our Addiction Recovery Facility

Addiction Now only operates the most secure, safe, and effective addiction treatment clinics. You can find a safe space in our drug rehab clinic in Altamont. Our staff works hard so clients can thrive and get sober in a place where clients don’t have to worry about their safety.

Community in Our Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

In this day, feelings of alienation and loneliness affect people across all age groups, races, and backgrounds. These feelings lead many people to abuse drugs and alcohol. In our community, we encourage you to share your story with others so you don’t have to go on the road to sobriety alone. We are guided by that idea here in our Altamont addiction treatment clinic.

Honesty at Our Addiction Recovery Center

When you are going through recovery, you need to be honest with yourself and others to have a chance at overcoming addiction. If you are candid and open with our staff, they will be able to provide the advice and resources you need to overcome this once and for all. For this very reason, we do everything in our power to enable our clients to tell their stories in a way that makes them comfortable during group and individual therapy sessions. As long as the client follows the rules regarding community respect, the sky’s the limit for recovery.

Custom Made Treatment Plans and Aftercare

No one likes getting treated like a number. You don’t have to worry about getting the same treatment as everyone else at our addiction recovery center in Altamont, we provide a personalized treatment plan for every client when they arrive at our center. Each client and their addictions are unique, no client will have the same plan. We pride ourselves on this.

Our personalized treatment plans don’t end when you leave us. Before you depart, you will meet with our staff to determine your next steps. Your comprehensive, customized addiction treatment plan will be altered throughout your treatment and will be continued through aftercare. These options include individual therapy in your area, participation in 12-step groups, and other types of counseling. Aftercare staff can also help you with such things as insurance, mend relationships at your job, and help you with any housing options you need. Don’t wait any longer, call our addiction recovery facility in Altamont, Oregon today.

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