Canby Drug and Alcohol Rehab

If you are going through a drug addiction and do not know where to turn, Addiction Now and our drug rehab center in Canby, Oregon can help. What you have to do first is admit to yourself that you have a problem you cannot control nor overcome on your own. Once you have come to terms with your dependence, you will be able to get the treatment you need in supervised detox.

When you come to our addiction treatment center in Canby, Oregon, you will have the chance to expel the toxins that are keeping you dependent in a safe and supervised environment. While you go through the process of detox, you will experience withdrawal symptoms that will be uncomfortable. You need proper supervision in order to establish the foundation that you need for a successful treatment.

Then you will begin counseling with a personal therapist. Here you will work on your personal program for addiction treatment with your therapist. Not only will you have someone intently listening to you, that person will be able to provide professional and honest advice that will help you throughout your treatment. One-on-one sessions will allow you to vent and share your story in a private arena before moving on to a more public setting.

Next, you will go to group therapy sessions.During these sessions, you will work with your peers to share your stories, listen to each other, and exchange invaluable and insightful advice on how to stay sober and with the program. The empathy the community produces will motivate and inspire you to continue moving forward with treatment, this is perhaps the most important treatment at Addiction Now.

In addition to group and individual counseling, you will be screened for dual diagnosis mental health disorders. Nearly half the people who struggle with an addiction are also going through poor mental health. In order to ensure that we can help you stay sober indefinitely, we need to exhaust all possible avenues to find the core of the problem as well as how to solve it.

Finally, when you go to leave our substance abuse treatment facility in Canby, Oregon, you will do so with all the treatment you have received, your comprehensive and personalized addiction recovery regimen, and the love and support from all the people you’ve met.

When you come to Addiction Now, you won’t be alone any longer. You can do this. All you have to do is pick up that phone and we will begin by setting you up with an appointment at our addiction treatment center in Canby, Oregon. You won’t regret it.

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