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Substance abuse is a pervasive problem that prevents many people from realizing their personal dreams, having healthy social lives, and excelling in their profession. Yet individuals who are ready to move beyond the drug addiction should know that they can. Read on to learn more about drug addiction and how you can get help from our Central Point, Oregon drug rehab center.

Basic Facts About Drug Addiction

As substance abuse professionals are aware, drug addiction is a national epidemic. Addiction is classified as a chronic disease in which the individual finds it difficult to control or cease use of the illicit substance even when consumption entails painful, problematic consequences. Because ongoing drug use causes significant, long-standing brain changes which impair the user’s ability to stop using the substance, it is quite common to see individuals in recovery fall into a state of relapse. In relapse, individuals who are in recovery return to illicit substance use after months or years of being drug-free. We can help you avoid relapse at our Central Point, Oregon addiction recovery center.

Why You Should Enroll In A Drug Rehab Center

Obtaining drug addiction recovery services at our professional substance abuse treatment facility is imperative if you’re serious about restoring your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. This is the case because attempting to complete some or all treatment procedures without professional assistance and encouragement decreases your likelihood of success. Also note that attempting to complete various aspects of the recovery process outside of our Central Point, Oregon drug rehab clinic can be dangerous. An example would be trying to complete a detoxification without knowing that the process could entail withdrawal symptoms.

Another reason that obtaining drug recovery services at our Central Point, Oregon addiction treatment center is important stems from the fact that many clients need mental health services in addition to substance abuse support. For example, many clients find that their drug addiction is accompanied by a co-occurring mental health disorder. When this is the case, obtaining an accurate dual diagnosis is imperative, so that our addiction recovery facility staff can provide the client with all of the recovery services necessary to facilitate recovery.

About Our Addiction Treatment Clinic

If you’re looking for a Central Point, Oregon addiction treatment center where you can attain excellent, expedient recovery services from people who truly care, look no further than our facility. As a community-oriented facility where the holistic well-being of the client always comes first, the professionals of our facility specialize in offering the comprehensive services necessary to help the client recover mentally, physically, and spiritually. Additionally, we specialize in cultivating comfortable settings where clients feel free to speak openly with other people throughout the treatment process.

Another reason that our Central Point, Oregon drug rehab clinic is your first choice for exemplary drug treatment services pertains to our personalized trust. We know that the one-size-fits-all methodology is not the most effective strategy when it comes to substance abuse recovery. By recognizing the unique challenges and struggles that each client will face, we specialize in creating and implementing highly specific recovery strategies which ensure that the client’s psychosomatic and spiritual issues are addressed and resolved. And to ensure that the client attains the holistic recovery that they deserve, we offer detox services in conjunction with one-on-one therapy and multiple types of aftercare.

Enroll In Our Addiction Recovery Center Now!

If you’re serious about putting drug addiction in the past, now is the time to contact the professionals of our Central Point, Oregon addiction recovery center. More than just a rehab facility, we’re a team of passionate professionals who are deeply committed to providing clients with the safe environment and personalized care necessary to optimize and expedite all stages of recovery. Contact us immediately so you can schedule your consultation and get on the road to recovery and empowered living!

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