Hermiston Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Does addiction seem to have taken control of your life? Is substance abuse placing barriers between you and your goals, and harming your relationships with family and friends? Although things can seem dire, if you’re struggling with addiction, you should know that you can beat it with the right treatment and when equipped with a supportive environment. Here are a few facts about our Hermiston, Oregon addiction recovery center, and how enrolling can prepare you for your bright future!

Initial Detox

The first steps toward sobriety can be the most shaky. You’ll likely feel nervous going forward, and withdrawal symptoms are often challenging to handle. With supervision, we’ll help you get through these phases, letting you emerge feeling empowered to tackle your addiction throughout recovery. After you’re able to get past the process of detox, you’ll take further steps at our alcohol and drug rehab center in Hermiston, Oregon.

Planning Your Treatment

Addiction is not the same experience for everyone who faces it. At our drug rehab clinic in Hermiston, Oregon, we offer dual diagnosis mental health treatment when a client is dealing with a co-occurring mental health condition. Instead of only focusing on the addiction, we also work with clients to find out what elements might have complicated their addiction, and what else might contribute to it. During the planning phase, we’ll work with you to create a unique approach that considers your addiction in a holistic manner.

Meeting with Therapists

Clients at our addiction recovery facility in Hermiston, Oregon often find individual therapy to be tremendously useful. It’s important to focus on being open during therapy, and being honest with your therapist can ensure you make progress toward understanding your addiction. With your therapist, you’ll develop techniques for combating urges, giving you confidence when moving forward.

Offering and Receiving Support

We are better at facing challenges when we work together. Our Hermiston, Oregon addiction treatment clinic utilizes group therapy settings where clients will work with each other and discuss how addiction has affected their lives. Learning how addiction affects others gives you perspective about your own addiction, and lending support to others can serve as excellent motivation toward maintaining on your recovery. You’ll meet others willing to listen to your experiences, as well, which serves as invaluable support.


Your main time with our Hermiston, Oregon addiction treatment center will eventually come to a close, but you aren’t on your own after leaving. Others you met at our addiction treatment center will continue providing support going forward, serving as pillars for your long-term success. Furthermore, clients generally benefit from ongoing individual therapy for handling both addiction and other problems. You aren’t alone after leaving. On the contrary, you’ll have a powerful support network.

Addiction can creep up and overtake one’s life. Even if you’re frightened, know that you’re never alone, and help is available for those who ask for it here at our Hermiston, Oregon drug rehab center. Pick up the phone and contact one of our addiction specialists now, and you can immediately begin walking the road to recovery.

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