Redmond Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Addiction is a struggle for many, and it cannot be often beat without the help of trained professionals. Drugs can be seen as harmless for a first time user in a social setting, but even in a casual environment, people are able to become addicted after the first use, no matter the intentions. After this occurs, ceasing drug use is never easy. That’s where a Redmond drug detoxification or drug rehabilitation program can help. These programs treat addiction using many well researched and proven methods.

The Variety of Redmond Addiction Treatment Programs

Each treatment facility has its own program to help patients overcome their addiction(s). Although programs are different in approach, there are two common methods involved.

One commonly method used for decades has been behavioral therapy. During the therapy process, the patient learns about themselves and how their actions or inclinations have contributed to their addiction in the past. They then develop methods that involve managing their feelings so as to control one area of potential weakness in regards to drug usage. Therapy can be held in private or it can occur in a group. With private therapy, the therapist focuses entirely on the patient, while in group sessions, patients can support each other. Many treatment facilities have both types of behavioral therapy programs available.

Non-addictive medication is often provided during treatment to help with withdrawal symptoms when the body undergoes detoxification. The medication chosen depends on the patient’s addiction. Prescription drugs, methamphetamine, marijuana and cocaine all have different effects on the body and require different alternatives. Facilities may continue to offer medication as treatment progresses to help the patient overcome their cravings.

Residing in a Redmond Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation

A patient may live on site at an inpatient drug rehab, usually in either a shared space or a private room. This period of rehabilitation could last months depending on their progress. At Redmond inpatient drug detoxification centers, the patient may be required to complete a medically supervised detoxification and then be able to leave. However, there are also inpatient facilities where patients stay for much longer until they’ve made significant progress or are completely sober.

Inpatient facilities use medication and addiction therapy in order to help the patient make significant progress. They benefit the patient by providing 24/7 support and supervision by trained medical staff. This keeps patients away from temptations in their previous environment.

Attending a Redmond Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

At an intensive outpatient treatment facility, the patient attends therapy at the center, but still resides at home and even still works. Although it’s more common for Redmond drug detoxification programs to be at an inpatient facility, drug detoxification can occur outside the center under outpatient addiction treatment. Outpatient facilities use behavioral therapy, and oftentimes prescribe medication as well. Intensive outpatient addiction treatment start with frequent visits, typically daily, and then lessen in intensity as the patient makes progress. These facilities work well for patients who want to receive treatment but need to continue fulfilling outside obligations they have while receiving treatment.

There are many programs available for people in Redmond, Bend, Lebanon and Springfield. Selecting a program that’s a good fit is the most important step, and that’s where our addiction specialists are able to help. Our addiction specialists know how to speak to patients about their addictions and find a program fit for their unique needs.

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