Harrisburg Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Harrisburg Recovery Programs Fit to Your Unique Needs

Once a person who is suffering from an addiction becomes committed to leading a life free of substance use, detoxification is always the first step. When taking any substance after months or years, it will accumulate in the body and make it extremely difficult to stop using. A Harrisburg drug detoxification, drug removal, program may be the best option for getting rid of cocaine, methamphetamine or any other substance from the body. Harrisburg inpatient drug detoxification centers, as well in Progress, offer a safe and secure environment for those ready to be rid of their daily cravings once and for all.

Due to the nature of drugs in the human body, the person can become affected by withdrawal symptoms due to the sudden lack of stimulations by the drug(s) itself. When they are lacking the drug(s), there are bodily reactions that can include nausea, shaking, sweating, and much more. Mental reactions are also very likely, which may include anxiety and depression just to name a few. Harrisburg inpatient drug detox centers have educated addiction caregivers who are able to prescribe and administer non-addictive medication to help lessen withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, heroin, and many other addictive substances.

The Benefits of Harrisburg Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation

Inpatient drug detox centers are designed to provide the full support that any person would need in order to lead a drug-free life. The residential facility provides full-time attention, meals and activities involved in the therapy each individual will undergo. The person will not interact with anyone who has enabled their substance use disorder, so they are able to focus on detox and recovery. Inpatient drug detox centers provide a schedule, support, peers ready to offer a steady support system, medical supervision and many therapeutic options. The person should feel protected and in a safe environment throughout the whole program no matter what.

What Does a Harrisburg Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment Involve?

Harrisburg drug detoxification programs, as well as those in Hershey and most other cities, are also available in the outpatient variety. This means the person lives at home and continues their daily activities. This treatment is suitable for people with milder addictions or people who have not experienced substance use disorder for long. Outpatient programs focus on techniques for overcoming addiction on an independent basis. If a person is fortunate enough to recognize the early stages of addiction, an intensive outpatient program could be effective. In these programs, the patient is recommended to attend a Harrisburg drug detoxification program for up to 12 hours each week. The program may last for three months, up to a year, or more.

Many therapy programs offered in an outpatient program include individual and group therapy, which target relapse prevention, involve medical treatment in needed, teach life skills, and work towards reestablishing mental health . People in recovery need much support, and outpatient programs allow participants to be around their families in order to receive that support. These programs are often customized in accordance to their specific interests, belief systems, and other personal preferences of the individual. We help match people with Harrisburg addiction treatment programs their suit their unique lifestyles.

For example, Colonial Park drug rehabilitation programs can include socializing with animals such as dogs or horses, or having healthy outdoor adventures such as hiking or swimming. Some people may prefer a quieter environment that includes yoga, arts and crafts, or music therapy. Patients can be included in group therapy sessions that offer peer support as well as individual sessions. Whichever type of treatment is best for them, our addiction specialists will assist all patients in finding the treatment that will help with their addiction the most.

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