Lower Makefield Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Drug Rehabilitation from Detox to Aftercare

Drug rehabilitation begins with entering a drug rehab center for detox, but it continues as you through recovery in aftercare. In our addiction treatment clinic in Lower Makefield, Pennsylvania, you will be treated with respect and dignity as you learn to live a life free of drugs or alcohol. Addiction treatment is compassion and care at a time when you are feeling your most vulnerable.

Supervised detox at our Lower Makefield addiction recovery center is critical to your early success. While you may want to try stopping on your own at home, this is dangerous and never recommended. You need to be supervised during detox so your symptoms are managed so you can get care if you need.

If you have a mental health condition in addition to your substance abuse issues, you will need treatment that is designed for those who have a dual diagnoses. In this type of treatment, you will be taught the basics of learning to live a sober lifestyle with a focus on your overall mental health.

Group discussions are a large part of treatment at our addiction recovery facility in Lower Makefield. You will meet other people who are learning how to be sober life in a program, and group sessions are a great way to get to know others. You will be encouraged to be as honest as possible. The more you can share and be yourself, the more you will get out of treatment.

You will work with a counselor when you are in an addiction treatment center in Lower Makefield, and you will develop a treatment plan that is specialized for you. You will have plenty of input for a treatment plan, and it is designed to be a guide to get you through your next phase of treatment.

At a drug rehab clinic in Lower Makefield, the process of recovery will be explained in detail to you. You’ll start with detox, and move on to a rehabilitation program for a few weeks or more. Sometimes people return home after a short stay in our Lower Makefield substance abuse treatment facility and attend programs as an outpatient. Other people decide that they don’t feel comfortable returning home and prefer to go to an extended program.

Sober living usually follows residential treatment. Sober living is in a community living space with other people focused on their sobriety. This is a safe environment for you to live in where you can continue to work on relapse prevention and sustaining sobriety.

For aftercare, you’ll continue to learn about sobriety throughout your life. You will be encouraged to attend meetings in public to build a support network. You’ll learn new ways to deal with stress in your life. Over time you will find that skills you learned in rehab will become habits for you. You don’t need to do this any longer, call our addiction treatment center in Lower Makefield, Pennsylvania today.

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