Mount Lebanon Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Detoxing at Our Addiction Treatment Center

If you or a loved one has misused alcohol or drugs in the past, you will probably have friends and acquaintances who are engaged in some of the same ill-advised behavior. Not only do you need to escape this environment, you need professionals who can help and guide you through this process to provide the resources you need to overcome addiction once and for all. The Addiction Now drug rehab center in Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania can provide this kind of care and treatment.

At our addiction treatment clinic in Mount Lebanon, you will get overseen by the caring staff who continually takes into account the wellbeing of you and other clients. Don’t let the chatter of your troubled friends keep you from getting the help that you need.

Treating Dual Diagnosis Clients at Our Addiction Recovery Center

Not all drug and alcohol treatment facilities operate the same way when it comes to treating dual diagnosis clients. We differ from other centers in that we have dedicated psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and counselors who collectively have dozens of years of experience working with clients who are addicted to alcohol or drugs and have a mental health disorder exacerbating and contributing to your disease. When you arrive at our Mount Lebanon addiction treatment facility, you will immediately have a personalized treatment plan designed for you to take dual diagnosis into consideration.

A Safe Space at Our Addiction Recovery Facility

When a person finally decides to get help for their drug or alcohol issue, they come here in a very vulnerable state. We aim to take care of every client, and we do so by providing top-notch security officers at the facility. We make sure that all visitors sign in and out of our center and ensure that any person who comes into our drug rehab center has business here. Because of our dedication to security, you or your loved one can concentrate on starting a new sober life.

Community in Our Drug Rehab Center

People abuse drugs or alcohol for many reasons. One reason many people turn to substances is to self-medicate, or to escape loneliness and alienation. We don’t want any client to feel alone as they get sober. For this reason, we place much of our treatment emphasis on group therapy. By hearing people tell their stories and telling your own, you won’t feel as if you’re traveling this bumpy road by yourself.

Honesty in Our Drug Rehab Clinic

Many of us have trouble getting honest with ourselves. In our Mount Lebanon substance abuse treatment facility, we make this process a bit easier. Our staff works hard so clients no longer pull wool over their eyes when it comes to their issues with drugs or alcohol. When you get honest with yourself, you heal over time.

Customized Treatment and Aftercare

Addiction Now provides every client a customized treatment plan that takes into account many factors such as physical concerns, dual diagnosis, previous stints in rehab, and other circumstances that could affect your treatment.

Throughout your stay, you will attend individual and group therapy sessions with other clients. This will happen for a predetermined amount of time. When staff determines that you are ready to go back home, you will have a meeting with a member of the aftercare department. At that time, you and your case manager will discuss your participation in 12-step group meetings, finding an individual therapist in your area, and identifying other resources that will help you stay sober.

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