For individuals going through the struggles of addiction, taking that first step and getting help is crucial, but just as important is finding the right treatment program for their needs. With all the Pittsburgh inpatient drug detox centers, intensive outpatient treatment programs and other options available, individuals have many resources that may help them overcome addiction.

Instead of trying to select a treatment program alone, people in need of addiction recovery help can call us and speak to our substance use disorder specialists. Our specialists talk to each caller to assess their situation and then use their experience to recommend a Pittsburgh drug detox program that provides the right resources to give them the best chance of a successful recovery.

What Pittsburgh Addiction Treatment Programs Have to Offer

The most common treatment methods that rehab facilities offer are medication and addiction therapy. These methods include several different options, and the facility will consider the patient’s situation to put together a comprehensive treatment plan.

A Pittsburgh drug detox program will often administer medication while a person goes through the detox process, as detoxing can result in uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. The medication is chosen based on the drugs the patient is detoxing from. Marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and alcohol, for example, will all affect people differently and require different medications to treat withdrawal symptoms. Inpatient facilities may also utilize medication to help individuals manage their cravings once detox is complete.

Addiction therapy comes in many forms. Most treatment centers will offer private therapy sessions between the patient and a therapist. These sessions will focus on helping the person understand what pushed them toward addiction and how they can better manage to avoid future relapses. Group therapy is also common, and it typically involves a small group of 10 or fewer people meeting together with a therapist. This provides the added benefit of support from the patient’s peers.

Full-Time Care at Pittsburgh Inpatient Drug Rehab

If a program requires a person to live at the treatment facility, it’s considered an inpatient drug rehab program. The length of time a person will live at an inpatient facility varies. A recovering patient could be there for just one night, or for as long as six months. The individual will plan this with the facility beforehand. At Pittsburgh inpatient drug detox centers, people stay at the facility at least through the detox process.

Inpatient facilities give individuals a safe environment away from any temptations, and professional staff members are available at all times to provide support. These facilities will usually have medication and addiction therapy available.

Receiving Pittsburgh Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

The alternative to living at a facility is outpatient treatment. For a person who is detoxing or just starting a treatment program, this may mean daily visits for several hours at a time. Later on, the individual won’t need to visit as regularly if they are sustaining a drug-free lifestyle.

Outpatient facilities can also prescribe medications and will have therapy options available. Although a recovering individual doesn’t have the constant monitoring of an inpatient program, this type of program works well for those who have busy lives that they can’t leave behind for weeks or months.

We know that it can be challenging to pick an addiction treatment program. Many individuals get discouraged because a program hasn’t worked in the past, but that only means that the program wasn’t right for them. Our addiction specialists can look through an extensive range of programs in the area and see which options might provide the best fit in Pittsburgh, Dormont, Brentwood and Wilkinsburg.

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