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Unique Anderson Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Detoxification is always the first step once a person becomes dedicated to becoming drug free. This process happens due to the body’s ability to retain chemicals, like drugs, in the fat and other areas for long spans of time. An Anderson drug detox program may be the best, and sometimes only, option for getting rid of marijuana or methamphetamine from the body in a safe and healthy manner. Anderson inpatient drug detox centers, those in Clemson as well, offer a safe space for those undergoing detoxification.

During this first process, the person undergoes withdrawal symptoms that can be very damaging mentally and physically. Physical reactions include nausea, and other horrid bodily functions. Mental reactions include depression, anxiety, paranoia, and much more. Anderson inpatient drug detoxification centers have trained substance abuse therapists that prescribe and give non-addictive medication in order to mitigate the withdrawal symptoms from methamphetamine, marijuana, and many other addictive substances.

Many Benefits of Anderson Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation

Inpatient drug detox centers present all the support needed for the person attempting to attain a drug-free life. The residential facility provides full-time care and therapy, including food and activities. The person will not have contact with their previous enablers, so they are able to fully focus on detox and recovery. Inpatient drug detox centers provide a structured lifestyle, regular support, time with (and help from) fellow program attendees, medical attention and many other therapeutic benefits. Most importantly, the person should feel comfortable and safe throughout the program.

An Anderson Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment Involves…

In Anderson drug detox programs, the person is able to live at home and continue their normal, daily activities. This type of therapy is suitable for people with lesser addictions or people who have not had substance use disorder for that long. Outpatient programs usually focus on different ways to overcome addiction. An intensive outpatient program may be effective for those who have not been involved in substance abuse for long. In many programs, the person is required to attend an Anderson drug detox program for up to 12 hours weekly. The program may last for three months or even more than a year, depending on the progress made.

Many therapies in an outpatient program include individual and group therapy that helps prevent relapse, offer medical treatment, prepare those with life skills and tend to mental health issues. People in recovery need more support than expected sometimes, and outpatient programs allow participants to stay near their families for that reason. This is an example of why programs should be customized for the interests, belief systems and other personal preferences of the individual. We do our best to match people with Anderson addiction treatment programs to suit their individual needs.

For example, Easley drug rehab programs could include interacting with well tempered animals, or having outdoor, team oriented activities such as basketball or soccer. Some people may prefer a quieter program that includes yoga or arts and crafts. Music therapy is another great option as well. Whichever type of treatment is suitable, individual or group, our addiction specialists will help all patients in discovering the treatment that helps them the most.

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