Personalized Columbia Addiction Treatment Programs

Once a person is committed to becoming free of a substance use disorder, detoxification is the first step. When taking any substance for a long time, it will accumulate in the body and affect the brain. Removing all traces of the drug is called detoxification. A Columbia drug detox program may be the best option for removing substances like marijuana or cocaine from the body. Columbia inpatient drug detox centers, as well as such centers in Forest Acres and other nearby cities, offer a safe and secure environment for people to undergo detox.

During this period of time, the person may undergo withdrawal symptoms. This happens because the body is used to getting the drug. When it doesn’t, there are physical and mental reactions. Physical reactions can include nausea, shaking, sweating, itching and insomnia. Mental reactions may include depression, anxiety and paranoia. Columbia inpatient drug detox centers have trained addiction caregivers who can prescribe and administer non-addictive medication to help mitigate the withdrawal symptoms from ecstasy, methamphetamine, and a range of other addictive substances.

The Benefits of Columbia Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient drug detox centers offer full support for the person trying to lead a drug-free life. The residential facility provides full-time care, food and activities along with the therapy each individual will need. The person has no contact with anyone who has enabled his or her substance use disorder, so they can focus on detox and long-term recovery. Inpatient drug detox centers provide a structured lifestyle, regular support, friendship and help from peers, medical supervision and many therapeutic options. Above all, the person should feel comfortable and safe throughout the program.

What is Columbia Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

Columbia drug detox programs, as well as those in Dentsville and most other cities, are also available as outpatient programs. This means the person lives at home and continues his or her normal daily life. This type of treatment is suitable for people with milder addictions or people who have not had substance use disorder for very long. Outpatient programs may focus on techniques for overcoming addiction. If a person is fortunate enough to recognize the early stages of addiction, an intensive outpatient program may be effective. In many programs, the person is asked to attend a Columbia drug detox program up to 12 hours every week. The program may last from three months to more than a year.

Some therapies offered in an outpatient program include individual and group therapy, relapse prevention, medical treatment, life skills and mental health programs. People in recovery need a lot of support, and outpatient programs allow participants to stay near their families for that support. This is one reason why programs are often customized for the interests, belief systems and other personal preferences of the individual. We help match people with Columbia addiction treatment programs to suit their individual lifestyles.

For example, some drug rehab programs may include interacting with animals such as dogs or horses, or having outdoor adventures such as hiking or surfing. Some people may prefer a quieter treatment that includes yoga, arts and crafts, or music. Patients can also have group therapy sessions that offer peer support as well as individual therapy sessions. Whichever type of treatment is suitable, our addiction specialists will assist patients in finding the treatment that suits them best.

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