Five Forks Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Professional Treatment for Addiction to Grow in Your Recovery

You can heal from your addiction, but it will take some hard work. You’ll start at our Five Forks, South Carolina drug rehab center for supervised detox, so that you can safely remove drugs or alcohol from your system. Withdrawal can be difficult, and supervision is required so that you can manage the side effects that often occur while you are detoxing. Stay safe and detox in an addiction treatment clinic designed for those going through withdrawal symptoms.

When you have a mental health diagnosis along with addiction, you are among the many people who need addiction treatment for dual diagnosis. This means that our substance abuse treatment facility is going to provide treatment for both issues at the same time. You will get the mental health treatment you need while also focusing on your addiction and ways to prevent a relapse. Many people suffer from a co-occurring mental health condition that makes addiction even harder to overcome.

Group attendance and participation is an integral part of your treatment at our Five Forks, South Carolina addiction recovery center. When you attend group therapy, you’ll hear the stories of your peers who also struggle with addiction in their lives. To get the most out of groups, pay attention to what you are hearing and share your own story when you feel comfortable. Be honest in your interactions, and you will learn more from what is going on in the facility. Remember that each person has a unique story that led to addiction, and you are not alone in the recovery process.

The environment at our Five Forks, South Carolina drug rehab clinic is a nurturing, professional environment in which you can learn the skills you need to stay sober. You will be able to ask questions and get the support you need as you begin to see how life can go on without being addicted to drugs or alcohol.

As you stay at our Five Forks, South Carolina addiction recovery facility, a counselor will meet with you on a regular basis to discuss a treatment plan. This is a working document, and one that you can change if your circumstances become different. You will write this plan along with your counselor, and it will be unique to you. This plan gives you a good guide to follow as you work through your recovery process.

When you are at the detox stage, our Five Forks, South Carolina addiction treatment center is your best option. Detox can produce mild withdrawal symptoms, but it can also cause serious complications. When you are monitored for your own safety, you have a much better chance at avoiding a relapse in your early recovery.

Once your detox is complete, you may enter our residential treatment program to learn more about recovery. If you aren’t ready to return home, you can go on to a sober living program to live with others who are also working on their sobriety. You can heal from your addiction, but you have to put the work in.

When you build a support network around you, the process of recovery is easier and more successful.

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