Ladson Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Do you have an addiction to drugs, or do you perhaps have a family member with an addiction? It can take the assistance of trained professionals to achieve long-term recovery. At our Ladson, South Carolina drug rehab clinic, we can help you break free of your addiction to drugs or alcohol. Discover what our addiction treatment center has to offer either you or a loved one who is struggling with addiction.

Individualized Treatment

At our Ladson, South Carolina addiction recovery center, you’ll receive an individualized treatment plan. We know there’s not a one-size-fits-all treatment schedule for everyone who becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol. As such, we evaluate your individual circumstances to determine the best course of treatment for you. This process involves determining whether you would benefit from dual diagnosis mental health treatment.

Clients can benefit from dual diagnosis mental health treatment when they are dealing with a co-occurring condition alongside the addiction. Dual diagnosis provides the experts at our Ladson, South Carolina drug rehab center with the tools they need to help clients with a co-occurring disorder reach their recovery goals.

Treating a client’s drug addiction without addressing their co-occurring mental health disorders would be counterproductive. Why? There’s a significant chance that the client will continue to be subjected to the symptoms of the co-occurring mental health disorder after leaving our drug rehab clinic if it is not properly treated, which can lead a client to return to substance abuse in an effort to self-medicate the symptoms. As such, treating both conditions leads to a more enduring recovery.

A Supportive Environment

Our Ladson, South Carolina drug rehab clinic provides you with a supportive environment as you recover. Our trained staff is there to encourage and support you through detox and its unpleasant symptoms. We know the challenges and struggles involved in ridding yourself of an addiction, and we are there to support you every step of your journey to recovery.

Knowledgeable Counselors

We are proud to have a staff of knowledgeable and well-trained counselors at our Ladson, South Carolina addiction treatment clinic. Our counselors are experts at guiding clients during private and group therapy sessions.

The Encouragement of Peers

The counselors at our Ladson, South Carolina substance abuse treatment facility understand the value of having peers around who can identify with your challenges. After all, they are there to achieve recovery, too. As you move down the path toward recovery, your peers will help you during group therapy sessions and at other times.

Aftercare Services

After you complete your program at our Ladson, South Carolina drug rehab center, we will provide you with aftercare services. Aftercare is a way to continue to provide clients with support even after they’ve left our addiction recovery facility. Sometimes aftercare comes in the form of weekly outpatient therapy sessions. Or, aftercare may involve a phone call with a counselor each week to check in with you and offer guidance on challenging situations. No matter what form your aftercare services take, they’re meant to let you know we’re still dedicated to helping you maintain your recovery.

We have the experience and training to help you start a new life without drugs. Contact our drug rehab center in Ladson, South Carolina and take the first step toward recovery today.

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