North Myrtle Beach Drug and Alcohol Rehab

You Deserve to Heal from Your Addiction

Recovery from addiction takes a methodical approach. You begin at our North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina drug rehab center for supervised detox, and aftercare involves continually learning new coping skills. No matter how long you have been addicted to drugs or alcohol, you can heal from your addiction when you commit to a treatment plan at our qualified addiction treatment clinic. The first step is detox, which will involve physically removing drugs from your body.

If you struggle with a co-occurring mental health disorder that exacerbates your addiction, you are not alone. Our substance abuse treatment facility offers dual diagnosis mental health treatment is designed for individuals who are dealing with both addiction and a co-occurring mental health condition. This type of treatment allows individuals to focus on the co-occurring mental health disorder and the addiction at the same time.

At our North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina addiction recovery center, you will be encouraged to attend groups and participate when you feel comfortable. Pay attention during groups, even if you don’t feel comfortable saying very much. One of the foundations of successful treatment for addiction is group participation to build a community of support around you. The more you can begin to build trust in people who are on a similar path to recovery, the more people you will have in your life who understand what it takes to live a sober lifestyle.

When you are in our North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina drug rehab clinic, you will have a safe, empathetic environment in which to heal. The professional environment that you encounter may be a surprise, but most programs are designed in a similar manner. You will be treated with the respect you deserve as you work hard to build a base that you grow your sobriety on.

During your stay at our North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina addiction recovery facility, you will work with a counselor to develop a treatment plan for you to follow during your recovery. This treatment plan is written by you and your counselor to address your specific treatment needs. You have plenty of input when it comes to your treatment plan, and you can change aspects of the plan whenever you feel it’s important.

Our North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina addiction treatment center is the safest way to start your recovery. While some people attempt to detox at home, this is dangerous. You can become very sick if you detox alone at home and you won’t have the help you need. Once detox is done, you will move on to rehabilitation programs designed to teach you how to get support, and how to create better coping skills in your life.

You will continue after residential treatment by going to groups in your community and attending individual therapy. Find the support necessary so that when you are feeling low, you have people to call instead of turning to substances.

Your recovery may get easier over time, but you should always be open to learning. The more skills you develop to deal with stress, the more successful you will be in your sobriety. Get the life you deserve by working hard in your recovery and finding your sobriety.

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