Chamberlain Drug and Alcohol Rehab

If you are mired in the grips of a serious drug or alcohol addiction, assess your situation and reach out to our Chamberlain, South Dakota addiction treatment center for the help you need. Many people who are suffering from addiction aren’t aware of just how precarious their situation has become. Substance abuse is on the rise across the United States, especially with the opioid crisis reaching epidemic levels. Drugs and alcohol can have a very adverse effect on your life and your health. The best advice is to tackle the problem before it gets out of hand. Representatives from our Chamberlain, South Dakota addiction treatment clinic are available night and day to offer their help.

Once we get your into our Chamberlain, South Dakota addiction recovery program, we will ask you myriad questions about your situation. It is imperative that our professionals know everything about you and learn why you are addicted to drugs or alcohol. We will make sure you get the care that you deserve. But you have to take the first step by picking up the phone and making the call.

Our Chamberlain, South Dakota addiction recovery center offers a wide range of methods to help you battle substance abuse. We have 30, 45 and 90-day programs. We have traditional, alternative, and holistic treatments available. We tailor our program to fit the needs of the individual. Group therapy is a very effective method of progressing through the program. Our drug rehab clinic also has one-on-one therapy with a number of professionals.

Once you come to our Chamberlain, South Dakota addiction recovery facility, you will receive the best care available. You don’t have to keep struggling with addiction. We will address everything when you arrive. Our methods are among the best in the industry. Unlike some drug rehabs, we address both your addiction and the issues that contribute to them.

Dual diagnosis mental health treatment will address any co-occurring disorders with which you may be struggling. Sadly, many people struggling with drug addiction use drugs to cope with a co-occurring mental health disorder. In fact, more than half of substance abusers are suffering from some type of co-occurring mental health disorder. In cases like this, both the co-occurring mental health disorder and the substance abuse must be addressed.

Our Chamberlain, South Dakota substance abuse treatment facility also offers supervised detox services. Detox is the only way to rid the body of dangerous toxins. Some people wrongly believe that detox can be done at home alone. The purpose of doing it in a drug rehab center is to keep you safe and comfortable. While in most cases, the side effects are mild, there are occasions where they can be more severe. This is why a professional should be available at all times in case something goes wrong.

If you are ready to make an important step in your life, give us a call. Our professionals will help ease your anxieties and answer all of your questions. If you are serious about ridding yourself of substance abuse, you need to reach out to a facility today.

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