North Sioux City Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Treatment for Addiction Begins with a Supervised Detox

When you make the decision to attend treatment at a drug rehab center, you are making a bold move in the recovery process. It isn’t easy to take the first step to get treatment, but going to detox is a safe and effective way to start your sobriety. Without an addiction treatment clinic, your chances of relapse are much higher. There’s no reason to risk your sobriety or safety by trying to detox at home by yourself.

Dual diagnosis treatment may be vital to your success in recovery. If you have a co-occurring mental health diagnosis, you’ll need to find a substance abuse treatment facility that offers treatment for dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis mental health treatment allows you to focus on both your mental health needs and your substance abuse at the same time. In general, many people have a co-occurring mental health issue need the disorder to be addressed in order for sobriety to be successful.

You will learn the importance of groups when you are in treatment at our addiction recovery center. Whether you are attending group therapy within a facility or encouraged to attend meetings in your community, the best way forward in your recovery is to meet others who are struggling with addiction. This is done by going to group meetings and participating when you feel comfortable. You will learn that when you build a strong support network of peers around you, maintaining your sobriety is more manageable.

Treatment is methodical and professional. At a drug rehab clinic, you will find that the environment is welcoming and conducive to healing. You should feel comfortable physically, and you should feel that you are in a place where you can talk about your addiction and how it has affected your life. As you learn more about what triggers your addiction, you are better able to cope with the stressors in your life. Avoiding triggers is the best way to maintain your sobriety when you are out in the world at large.

When you receive treatment at our North Sioux City, South Dakota addiction recovery facility, you will work closely with a counselor to develop a treatment plan for you. Each plan is different, and yours will be unique for your specific needs. You will outline your goals for the next few months and come up with a plan that will help you meet these goals. As you go along in your recovery, you will see that your treatment plan can be adapted as that proves to be necessary.

Your successful detox is a big part of your recovery. Supervised detox in our North Sioux City, South Dakota addiction treatment center is the only way to maintain your safety while you go through withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. Individuals that try to quit on their own often experience relapse, as it is extremely hard to deal with withdrawal symptoms on your own.

Once your detox is complete, your journey to recovery is just beginning. Each day you will learn new ways to manage stress. You will develop the skills you need to live a better life without drugs or alcohol and maintain your recovery goals.

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