Dickson Drug and Alcohol Rehab

For clients who are in dire need to quality addiction recovery treatment, our Dickson, Tennessee drug rehab center is here to extend the support they need. No matter what the specific support is that a client requires in order to successfully achieve their aims for recovery, the professionals at our substance abuse treatment facility are committed to assisting our clients as they face substance abuse. Don’t continue to struggle under the terrible burden of addiction when the help you need to reach recovery is available at our drug rehab clinic. We are committed to ensuring that our clients get the real support necessary to achieve recovery.

When a client enters our qualified drug rehab clinic, they begin by answering questions posed by one of our welcoming and friendly staff members. These questions have an important purpose. The details that we learn during this interview will provide us with insight into your particular situation, thus allowing our experts to form a personalized plan for addiction recovery treatment. It is important that clients are provided with a plan for recovery treatment that has been customized to suit their individual needs. This is a result of the fact that addiction molds itself to the individual. As a result, the most effective possible substance abuse recovery treatment plan will be one that has been hand tailored to suit the needs of the specific client.

You may be aware that nearly half of those individuals who are in need of substance abuse recovery treatment are also dealing with a co-occurring mental health disorder. The addiction and the co-occurring mental health disorder can have a complex relationship. If a client does not receive treatment for the co-occurring disorder, they run the risk of returning to substance abuse after leaving our Dickson, Tennessee drug rehab clinic. This is due to the fact that the symptoms of the co-occurring mental health disorder may continue to occur if the client does not receive adequate treatment for the co-occurring mental health disorder. This can cause a person to return to substance abuse in an attempt to self-medicate those symptoms. In order to ensure a client receives addiction recovery treatment that is sufficiently effective, we utilize dual diagnosis.

Group therapy is one of the most important elements of our Dickson, Tennessee addiction recovery treatment plan. During group therapy, clients get the opportunity to share their experiences with their peers. When they first take part in group therapy, some clients are uneasy sharing in front of the group. However, even the most skeptical clients soon find themselves enjoying the chance to share their wisdom and listen to the wisdom of others.

Upon graduation from our Dickson, Tennessee drug rehab clinic, clients will receive a hand-tailored schedule for aftercare recovery treatment. This aftercare plan will include different ongoing treatment strategies, depending on your responsibilities and needs after leaving our addiction recovery center. We know that different clients face different challenges as they continue their journey to recovery outside our drug rehab clinic, but we will provide the necessary support no matter what the requirements of the client. We are committed to providing recovery assistance for the entirety of your journey.

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