Dyersburg Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Life After Addiction

Our substance abuse treatment facility in Dyersburg, Tennessee is the perfect place for anyone who has become overwhelmed by addictive behaviors and needs the support of a quality addiction recovery center to overcome their destructive lifestyle. The experienced staff at our addiction recovery facility will work closely with the client and their family to create a unique treatment plan with specific steps and personalized, attainable goals.

Our Dyersburg, Tennessee drug rehab facility provides a comfortable atmosphere for our clients. We also have a professional and experienced staff. The client will feel safe and secure within the walls of the facility. They will feel free to speak their minds while they are with us. The professional staff at our addiction treatment center will be there to lovingly guide the client through the essential steps of recovery.

The first step for recovery is to help the client purge their system of the toxic substances. The process of detoxification can be both painful and dangerous. The professional staff at our Dyersburg, Tennessee addiction treatment clinic will closely monitor the progress of the client through the detox process. The staff will help the client through this important but challenging first step to recovery.

After the client has gone through the detox process, they will meet with an experienced therapist. This professional staff member will guide the client through a helpful therapy session so they can determine the best course of action. Each client is different, therefore the type and amount of therapy needed will vary by the client and situation.

A mental health assessment will also help the staff at our Dyersburg, Tennessee addiction recovery center determine the right treatment for the client. Because co-occurring mental health conditions contribute to addictive behavior, both the addiction and the psychological issues must be diagnosed and treated.

Group therapy is also available at a drug rehab clinic. Group sessions help the client to openly talk about their addiction and struggles. They will soon find that they are not alone in their struggles. Group therapy will also help to foster relationships between the clients. Many clients find that they learn to rely on other members of their therapy group to help keep themselves accountable.

A customized plan for aftercare treatment will also be recommended by the experienced staff at our Dyersburg, Tennessee addiction recovery center. Aftercare is a plan that will help the client stay sober even after they have completed their treatment at the substance abuse treatment facility. The aftercare plan might include continued mental health assessment, treatment, individual and group therapy.

The professionals at our Dyersburg, Tennessee drug rehab center want to help our clients succeed in their quest for a better life. With dedication from the staff and determination from the client, the benefits of recovery are within reach. We are prepared to assist all of our clients in achieving the goals they have set for recovery. When you are ready to begin working toward recovery in earnest, get in touch with one of our qualified professionals and you can begin your journey immediately.

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