East Ridge Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Addiction Treatment to Start Your Road to Recovery

Drug rehabilitation is a process that begins with time spent under supervision during a detox. At our East Ridge, Tennessee drug rehab center, you’ll be able to safely purge the remnants of drugs or alcohol from your system while you are monitored by the friendly experts in our clinic. It isn’t safe to attempt detox at home alone, and this is why our program is needed to ensure your safety. Withdrawal symptoms can become life threatening, and you need the support offered at our addiction treatment clinic to ensure your safety.

Co-occurring mental health disorders are common among those who are battling a drug or alcohol addiction. Our East Ridge, Tennessee substance abuse treatment facility provides addiction treatment for those with a co-occurring mental health diagnosis are given the benefit of dual diagnosis. This type of treatment allows people who need help with a co-occurring mental health disorder to receive the treatment they need for both their mental health needs and addiction at the same time.

Our East Ridge, Tennessee addiction recovery center is a professional space in which you can work toward your goals for recovery. You will attend group meetings during the day, and be expected to participate whenever possible. It is always recommended that you participate in groups, as this is one of the best ways to learn more about the recovery process.

You will meet others who are going through the same struggles that you face, and hear stories that will resonate with you. The community you build while at our East Ridge, Tennessee addiction recovery facility will be comprised of individuals that will be supportive to you once you return home.

While attending detox at our East Ridge, Tennessee addiction treatment center is going to be the first part of your recovery, the process will continue as you work toward your recovery goals. In our drug rehab clinic, you will work with a counselor to develop a treatment plan that is designed just for you. The personalized treatment plan will outline a course of treatment that will help you return home once you complete detox.

Once you complete detox, you will have options. You may decide to return home and attend a rehabilitation program on an outpatient basis. If you aren’t ready to return home, you can go to a program as an inpatient. If you don’t feel safe returning home after a stay in a short term rehabilitation program, you can move on to a sober living program.

The goal of treatment is to physically remove the remnants of drugs or alcohol from your system, and then begin to work on ways to live without using. This process involves working with an individual therapist in our community to learn new ways to cope with the stress that occurs from everyday life.

The better you can learn how to effectively deal with stress in your life in a positive manner, the better off you will be in your recovery. This is a process, and the professional, compassionate treatment you receive at the start of your journey is just the beginning.

You can recover from addiction, but you have to put in the effort to learn from those around you. Participate in groups, ask questions, and be prepared to heal from your addiction. Contact out East Ridge, Tennessee substance abuse treatment center to learn more now.

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