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Individuals who struggle with a co-occurring mental health disorder diagnosis are common in our Tullahoma, Tennessee drug rehab center. A program designed to treat those clients who are dealing with a dual diagnosis provides a safe, nurturing environment for individuals who need to focus on both their co-occurring mental health disorder and substance abuse at the same time. It’s important to treat any co-occurring mental health issues when working toward one’s goals for recovery.

Withdrawal at home is never recommended. The process of detox can be life threatening, and people who try to detox at home tend to relapse. If you need an addiction recovery center but you are nervous about entering treatment, know that we can help expedite the detox process. The withdrawal symptoms you experience can be managed when you are being supervised by the friendly experts at our clinic. If you are at home by yourself, you won’t be able to get the help you need.

When you go to our Tullahoma, Tennessee addiction recovery facility to begin your journey to recovery, you will start meeting with others who are also battling an addiction. Group therapy is common in our substance abuse treatment facility. You will quickly learn that group discussions are a mainstay of our addiction treatment programs.

You will build a community of peers at the facility as you share stories about your addiction and learn more about the process of recovery. The people you meet at rehab can become a lifelong support system if you share the same level of commitment to healing from your addiction.

Our Tullahoma, Tennessee drug rehab clinic will be supportive of your overall treatment plan. At our addiction treatment center, you will work with a counselor to create a treatment plan that is unique to you. This is a plan designed to help you work through the stages of recovery. While you can change your treatment plan when necessary, it is an excellent guide to help you make decisions when it comes to your next step in treatment.

Once the detox process is complete, your real work in addiction recovery begins. You will learn new ways to cope with stress, as this is often a big factor when it comes to relapse. The more skills you can develop to help you get yourself through difficult times, the easier it will be for you to maintain your recovery.

At our Tullahoma, Tennessee addiction treatment clinic, you will be encouraged to work with a professional therapist. This allows you to build a relationship with a neutral person that you can trust to keep you on the path of recovery. This type of support is invaluable when you first leave a recovery facility and return home.

Aftercare is different for everyone, but the goal behind it is the same. Your goal should be to minimize your stress levels and to always reach out for support when you need it. Staying sober can be a struggle when you are overwhelmed with life. When you are able to reach out for support when times get tough, you are going to have a better chance at overcoming your addiction.

Contact the friendly and accessible experts at our substance abuse treatment center to find out how we can support you today.

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