Richardson Drug and Alcohol Rehab

When clients make the fateful decision to enter an addiction treatment center, they’re taking a bold step toward a better life. Our quality drug rehab center will do what’s necessary to help clients take the next steps toward long-term recovery.

Our Richardson, Texas addiction recovery facility has come up with a method for keeping clients safe while giving them the support they require to beat their addiction. We do it by building a community, looking after the client’s mental and physical needs, and ensuring that clients go through a comprehensive treatment process that includes aftercare. Here’s how we help our clients get the most out of addiction recovery.

Safety matters and clients are encouraged to speak up

Clients going through addiction recovery must have a say in their recovery. Our Richardson, Texas drug rehab clinic builds an environment where clients feel empowered to speak up about what they are going through. Trained professionals listen to their concerns and build an environment for success on the basis of those concerns. This is one of the primary ways our Richardson, Texas substance abuse treatment facility fosters a safe environment. If clients ever find themselves feeling unsafe, we encourage them to speak up so that we can find a remedy.

Beginning with supervised detox and continuing with dual diagnosis treatment

The first step for every client who comes through our doors is to go through supervised detox. Our process is designed to see clients through the duration of the recovery process. In supervised detox, clients go through one of the most challenging but most important parts of the recovery process with the full help and attention of a trained professional. This approach has proven itself to provide a higher rate of success than when an individual attempts to detox on their own.

After detox, clients receive dual diagnosis treatment if they are dealing with a co-occurring mental health disorder. The professionals at our Richardson, Texas addiction recovery center have experience treating clients with co-occurring mental health conditions. They know that clients sometimes have a co-occurring mental health disorder that complicates their recovery from addiction. By providing dual diagnosis mental health treatment for these clients, we ensure that they not only deal with the symptoms of addiction, but also any co-occurring disorders.

Communities matter in addiction recovery

One of the reasons that clients choose our Richardson, Texas addiction treatment clinic is because they know they will never be alone. This applies both to the attention they will get from trained staff and to the community of people who will be with them, sharing the same experiences in recovery. Being away from your day to day experience in an addiction treatment facility can be hard.

Fortunately, clients at our LOCATION drug rehab center form bonds with fellow clients, allowing them to have a sort of surrogate family inside the walls of our clinic. We encourage this and ensure that it happens in a safe and productive manner. As clients build these relationships with one another, our staff diligently puts together a plan for aftercare, ensuring that every client is able to walk out of our center with an idea of what the future holds.

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