Wichita Falls Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Supervised detox is one of the most effective ways to begin an addiction treatment program. At our Wichita Falls, Texas drug rehab center, which is operated by caring professionals, we provide a safe, comfortable environment for clients to speak openly and honestly about the way addiction has affected their lives. In the compassionate setting of our addiction treatment center, clients are able to turn to professionals whenever they experience discomfort during the process of detox. This supervised nature of treatment helps them to be safer than they would if they attempted to detox from drugs or alcohol on their own.

The withdrawal period is a time to overcome physical dependence. Because physical withdrawal can take such a toll on the body and mind, it is during this time of supervision that clients have the most opportunity to simply rest and cope with what they are experiencing. It can be a real shock to suddenly have drugs or alcohol removed from ones life, and then another real shock to realize how much devastation they’ve caused the client. Here in our Wichita Falls, Texas drug rehab clinic, we offer the support of an individual therapy plan, group meetings, and the benefit of an extended support group, plus a thorough aftercare plan aimed at preventing relapse after clients leave our facility.

The individual therapy segment of the recovery plan is an opportunity for dual diagnosis treatment, for clients who can benefit from this cutting edge treatment. Dual diagnosis means that the client is coping with a co-occurring mental health disorder aside from addiction that might be having an effect on the client’s recovery. Here at our addiction treatment clinic, we’re able to observe a client 24 hours a day so that we can more easily identify co-occurring mental health conditions. They’re able to discuss their mental health history with their counselor, and devise an adequate plan to get the support they need to reach recovery. It’s one of the most important components of recovery here at our Wichita Falls substance abuse treatment facility.

Our compassionate, experienced staff has seen case after case of every kind of addiction, and we truly care about our clients during every phase of their recovery. We are especially serious about aftercare plans that direct the client on life outside of the walls of our detox. Why? Because it is here that clients will continue their recovery and refrain from relapse. We want to be sure that clients who attend our Wichita Falls, Texas addiction recovery treatment facility are able to get the support they need for recovery.

We don’t just care for clients during their stay with us, but we follow up with them after they’ve graduated from our addiction recovery program and make sure that they are referred to the appropriate resources outside our center. This means they may take part in ongoing therapy sessions, group meetings that will provide a network of sober support, and financial and community resources that will help them maintain their recovery throughout their recovery. It’s part of why we’re a great choice for addiction recovery treatment. Contact us today!

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