Holladay Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Not all hope is lost. No matter how bad things have become, no matter how hopeless the situation may seem, there is always hope, and there is always a way to make things right. You have taken two crucial steps: admitting that you have a drug problem and seeking help for it. The fact that you have done so means you are ready to get on with the next task ahead of you.

Checking into our Holladay, Utah addiction treatment center will allow you to get the help you need to move from the addiction to the recovery phase of your illness. And it is important for you to see addiction as an illness that can be diagnosed and treated. The caring professionals at our drug rehab center in Holladay, Utah will do nothing but listen to you and help you with the fight to end your dependence on drugs.

The road to recovery begins with detox. The time you spent addiction to drugs has made your body physically dependent on the substances. Undergoing the supervised detox program will move you toward a state of health. Freeing your body from its reliance on drugs is only one part of the treatment. One of the most unfortunate effects of drug use is the draining of nutrients from your body. You will be put on a diet meant to rebalance your health and give you information on how to plan and prepare nutritious meals.

No drug rehab clinic treatment program is complete without getting to the causes that may have contributed to the drug addiction. It is important that you understand the conditions and circumstances in your life that drove you to abuse drugs in the first place. Each client has their own story, and it is the philosophy of our counselors to help our clients better understand their circumstances. Dual diagnosis will give you the tools you need to manage your recovery in spite of any co-occurring mental health disorder with which you may be struggling.

Our Holladay, Utah addiction recovery center is a safe, secure, and welcoming place. No one should come to our facility and feel as though they aren’t getting the support they need. You are a human being who needs help, and that is exactly the way you will be treated at our substance abuse treatment facility.

You will be able to lean on and get specific guidance and insights from our professional counselors. You will also be able to speak to other client’s in our Holladay, Utah addiction recovery center, many of whom have stories similar to yours. You will be able to help form and become part of a community of people all striving to make their lives better.

Our Holladay, Utah addiction treatment clinic also offers a first rate aftercare program. You will be put in touch with support groups in the city you move to once you have left the addiction recovery facility. You will also be given contact info for counselors with whom you can meet and discuss anything that is on your mind.

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