Kaysville Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Treatment for Addiction from Detox to Aftercare

When you are addicted to a substance, it is hard to try and simply quit on your own. Treatment at our Kaysville, Utah addiction recovery center is the best way to go through the process of detox and begin to learn more about how to live a life in recovery. While you may be hesitant to go to our drug rehab center, the alternative is doing nothing about it, and continuing down the path of addiction. If you are addicted, it’s time to find the treatment you deserve.

If you also have a co-occurring mental health disorder as you are battling addiction, you need to find a drug rehab clinic that is a dual diagnosis program. This means that while you are getting help for your addiction, you will also get the support you need for any co-occurring mental health disorder you may face. Many people who struggle with addiction have issues with mental health, and our dual diagnosis program allows you to focus on both addiction and mental health at the same time.

Our Kaysville, Utah substance abuse treatment facility is a safe, professional place for you to detox from prolonged substance abuse. Supervision is very important during withdrawal, and you don’t want to try to detox on your own or at home. You will have a more successful detox if you choose to go to a program over trying to tough it out on your own. Addiction is a disease that you can beat, but you need to make the right choices when it comes to treatment.

Group participation is an integral piece of our Kaysville, Utah addiction treatment center. This allows you to meet others who are struggling with their own sobriety. Be honest in your communication with the group, and you will benefit more than if you shy away from participation. The people you meet in group settings are those that will be a big help to you once you return to the community. Groups are also recommended when you return home from our addiction recovery facility. There are numerous group meetings throughout the week in your community that will address the issues of addiction and recovery.

You will meet with a qualified counselor while in our addiction treatment clinic. Together you will develop a treatment plan so that you have a guide to follow for the next few months. Your treatment plan is a document that can be changed as needed, but it is designed to be a plan that you follow while you are going through your early stages of recovery.

Once you return home, part of your discharge planning is likely to be finding an individual therapist to work with and to continue support groups in your community.

Recovery gets easier when you take each day as it comes. Part of recovery is learning that while trying to stay sober the rest of your life may seem impossible, staying sober one day at a time isn’t so hard. As you learn new strategies to relax such as mindfulness, yoga, or exercise, you will be better able to manage any stressful situations that come up in your life.

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