Montpelier Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The first step to regaining your life after suffering from substance abuse is to decide it is time to be rid of the substance to lead a healthy life from now on. Generally called detoxification, the first step to this process, is the removal of the toxic substance from the body. Medical professionals work with people from the surrounding Montpelier area to find the best program to fit their needs, whether it is inpatient or outpatient.

Detox can be a difficult time, depending on the length of substance use. Cocaine and marijuana detoxification could last up to ten days, with many challenges along the way. Those that undergo detox usually have cravings that are hard to ignore, and they also experience withdrawal symptoms, physically and mentally. Mental challenges usually include such side effects as depression and anxiety. A Montpelier inpatient drug detox center offers all the necessary programs designed specifically to counter withdrawal symptoms in the beginning of the recovery process.

While under the care of a medical professional during the detoxification process, medication will often be prescribed in order to aid with the painful withdrawal symptoms. Statistics show that the majority of people using opioids to manage pain cannot stop without the help of others. This is where Montpelier inpatient drug detox centers can assist. They are able to prescribe non-addictive medications to help people properly recover from heroin, prescription drugs, and all other substances. The other most common type of detox strategy does not use medication but may include personal help from trained health care providers and peers. After participating in Montpelier drug detox programs, the patient’s rehabilitation will officially start.

The Value of Montpelier Inpatient Drug Rehab

Montpelier drug detox programs can be a successful option for many. An inpatient program allows the patient to live comfortably and safely for at least 28 days, maybe even for three months or longer if needed. Every moment of the day is organized to include all different activities that entertain and enrich. All measures are taken in Montpelier drug detox programs to ensure that each individual is comfortable.

While undergoing a Montpelier drug detox program, the patient is not able to interact with those who triggered the addiction in the first place. In most situations, families are able to visit their loved ones in the rehabilitation center in order for the family members to become adjusted to the new changes.

What Is Montpelier Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

Montpelier also offers outpatient programs that are convenient for those who cannot leave home or work obligations. Outpatient treatments are available to everyone in Barre, Northfield and Waterbury, and often try to include family and close friends in the process in order to person stay away from addictive substances. These intensive outpatient programs require the person to spend 10 to 12 hours every week at the treatment center for various therapy sessions.

Outpatient addiction treatment may last from three to six months, or for more than a year, depending on the requirements of the treatment. Outpatient detox will usually last from six to seven days. It may also be required for patients to visit a hospital or other medical facility to receive physical and mental check-ups during detox.

How Do Montpelier Addiction Treatment Programs Help People With Substance Use Disorders?

Rehab programs can be customized for each person’s unique issues. Our addiction specialists can help individuals find the treatment that is right for them. Contact us to learn more.

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