Northfield Drug and Alcohol Rehab

How Northfield Addiction Treatment Programs Work

Since there are different stages of recovery, there are different therapy programs designed to assist at any point. A Northfield drug detox program can prescribe non-addictive medication to help minimize the withdrawal symptoms while the patient is detoxing and for cravings after. The program may continue to include prescribed drugs to help the patient with cravings following the detox process.

During and after detox, addiction recovery programs will include therapy. The therapy portion often involves the patient talking to a therapist who will examine their thoughts, behaviors and emotions to find what underlying issues led them to use cocaine, marijuana, heroin or prescription drugs in the first place. The therapist will help the patients figure out ways to control their thoughts to hopefully prevent future drug use. Addiction therapy can happen in a one-on-one setting or among a group, but most addiction recovery programs will have patients do both. Getting private attention from a therapist can help the patient progress but there are also benefits to speaking about addiction with a group of peers who are going through similar struggles.

Northfield Inpatient Drug Rehab for Round-the-Clock Supervision

Substance abuse often happens after someone believing that it is not possible after only one use. And even if the same person does not become addicted after the first use, they will believe they cannot become addicted and will continue using. For those dealing with a substance use disorder, a Northfield drug detox program can help. Treatment depends on the person and if their substance of choice is cocaine, marijuana, heroin, prescription drugs or any addictive substance. Calling one of our treatment centers and speaking with a medical professional will assist you in finding an inpatient program in Northfield, Montpelier, Waterbury or Barre.

An inpatient drug rehab will involve the patient moving to a treatment facility for a temporary stay. At Northfield inpatient drug detox centers, some patients only stay through the detox period and then move on to outpatient therapy. Other patients may stay at the inpatient facility for months to receive ongoing support and direct care from addiction specialists who are experienced in helping those with addictions to cocaine, marijuana, heroin or prescription drugs. This allows for the patient to be away from the environment that first influenced their decision to start abusing the substance(s) and get better more quickly.

Northfield Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

With outpatient addiction treatment, patients make regular visits to the treatment facility but don’t stay there overnight. Although some programs start patients off using the inpatient model before switching to outpatient care, many programs focus entirely on providing outpatient support.

The intensive portion of outpatient addiction treatment comes at the beginning, which is when the patient attends treatment more often. Patients may have as much as a few hours of treatment every day. The amount of time one spends in treatment will gradually decrease as he or she gains the skills needed to maintain a drug-free life. Many patients, though, continue to use some type of support service to help them stay away from drugs over the long run. We can help connect people to the right outpatient treatment in Northfield, Montpelier, Waterbury or Barre.

Our addiction specialists can connect people with the right Northfield inpatient drug detox centers and outpatient rehab programs. Our specialists listen to each person to fully understand his or her history and current lifestyle, which allows us to find a program that fits each individual’s unique needs. Whether one is in Montpelier, Waterbury or Barre, our addiction specialists can locate the right treatment options.

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