Lake Ridge Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Drug addiction is a very serious issue that can cause a wide range of health and financial complications if left unaddressed. If someone tries to tackle addiction alone, they will most likely relapse since they do not have a support system in place. However, by utilizing addiction treatment at Lake Ridge drug detox programs, it’s possible to reduce the chances of relapse once the drug is out of the system. There are many different options for addiction treatment in Woodbridge or Dale City, most of which treat a wide range of addictions from prescription drugs to heroin.

Lake Ridge Addiction Treatment Programs

There are several programs that they can choose from in Woodbridge or Lorton. Each of these addiction treatment programs for alcohol or cocaine is designed to help the individual understand more about their substance use disorder, including why they first became addicted and how they can keep relapse at bay in the future. There are many different addiction treatment programs that can be found in Dale City and Lorton include inpatient and outpatient rehab, inpatient detoxification and intensive outpatient detox.

Each type of treatment program has its own benefits, even though all of them have similar goals. Any treatment program for cocaine or heroin begins first with detoxification, a process that assists the individual in dealing with symptoms of withdrawal and removing the problem substance from the body. These symptoms are usually serious in nature but can be mitigated with Lake Ridge drug detox programs that provide the individual with medication that allows them to safely progress to rehab.

Detoxification involves the removal of all the drug(s) from the body, leaving the person in mental and physical pain. After the person has successfully endured the detox process, rehab is the next important step. In most cases, detox only allows the drug to leave the body and does not prepare the person to be back in their previous environment without relapse. In rehab, whether outpatient or inpatient, behavioral therapies such as group counseling and individual therapy are provided to help each individual learn more about themselves and how they can prevent relapse.

Lake Ridge Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Intensive outpatient addiction treatment is a form of treatment in Lake Ridge or Lorton that’s designed to provide individuals who are recovering from addiction to prescription drugs or alcohol with a treatment option that better fits around their schedule. The outpatient addiction treatment program only requires the patient to attend a few times a week or a few hours a day, allowing for involvement in work, school, or with their family to continue.

Lake Ridge Inpatient Drug Rehab

Among all of the addiction treatment programs available in Woodbridge or Dale City, one of the most effective for many individuals with a severe addiction to cocaine or heroin is inpatient drug rehab. This comprehensive form of treatment takes place in residential facilities or Lake Ridge inpatient drug detox centers. When a person enters into an inpatient facility, they will stay there 24/7 until the treatment is completed and the individual has a better understanding of their addiction.

The benefits of the inpatient rehab programs are that it allows the patient to stay in a safe facility away from the everyday triggers and the medical professionals involved make sure the patient is always safe and taken care of. Group and individual style therapy sessions are offered, and sometimes family therapy sessions are offered as an alternative as well.

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