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Addiction Treatment to Live Your Best Life

Addiction treatment at an Addiction Now substance abuse treatment facility is compassionate, professional care when you need it the most. When you are struggling with an addiction and you don’t know where to start recovery, it’s time to find a drug rehab clinic for a supervised detox and rehabilitation. Detox should always be done under supervision, as it is dangerous to withdraw in any other way. Addiction is a disease that’s best treated by professionals, and withdrawal can be life threatening. You are taking a risk with your life if you don’t receive a supervised detox.

You will find that the care you need at our addiction recovery center in Marumsco, Virginia is professional and compassionate. For the half of clients who have mental health issues along with the addiction, you will need to find a program that focuses on dual diagnosis treatment. This means that the drug rehab clinic provides treatment for people who have both a mental health condition and the diagnosis of addiction. In such a program, clients are able to get the help they need for both addiction and any underlying mental health concerns.

When you are in our Marumsco drug rehab center, you will quickly discover that attending group therapy is an important part of your treatment. You will be encouraged to share your story, as well as listen to the stories of others who are in the group. The community built in an addiction recovery facility is generally uplifting to those who participate in groups meetings. You will find people who understand your needs and can relate to what you are talking about.

The people you meet when you are in the Marumsco addiction treatment center are often the same people who become a part of your support network when you return home.

While getting treatment in a Marumsco addiction treatment clinic, a counselor will work with you to develop a treatment plan. This is a comprehensive treatment plan that will be changed when necessary. The treatment plan is developed specifically for you, and you will follow this plan during each stage of recovery.

Part of your treatment plan will include discharge planning. You will probably be told that it is important to work with an individual therapist while in recovery. Finding professionals that you trust in the community is vital to your success. You will also be encouraged to find groups in the community designed for those addicted to substances

The skills you are introduced to in our drug rehab center in Marumsco are ones you can continue to work on once you are back home. The more you can control your stress levels, the better your coping skills become, and therefore the easier it is going to be for you to maintain your sobriety.

You can get your life back from addiction, but you have to stay focused. The more you commit to your sobriety, the easier the process will become over time. Listen to those around you and try to learn from those that have struggled. Call us today, you won’t regret it.

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