Mechanicsville Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Get the Help You Deserve for Your Addiction

Detox is the first stage of recovery. Without going to an addiction recovery facility for a supervised detox, your chance of being successful during recovery is very low. When you are addicted to drugs and trying to get your life back, it’s time to consider an addiction treatment clinic in Mechanicsville to help you get started on your recovery. It’s dangerous to withdraw from substances on your own, and can be potentially uncomfortable and dangerous.

When you are addicted to substances, you need professional care in an environment where you feel safe. At our Mechanicsville addiction recovery center, you will find that the atmosphere is conducive to healing. You will be treated with respect by the staff at the addiction treatment center in Mechanicsville, and you will begin to build a foundation for your sobriety to continue.

If you wait for treatment and avoid going to a substance abuse treatment facility, you are taking risks with your happiness and sobriety. The longer you are addicted to substances, the more damage you are going to do to your body. In addition, you run the risk of relapsing or overdosing the more you abuse drugs. Your use will only increase, and at a greater risk.

For individuals who are both addicted to substances and have a mental health condition such as anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder, treatment for your conditions is available. Our addiction recovery facility in Mechanicsville implements dual diagnosis to provide you with the treatment you need to work on addiction issues and mental health concerns at the same time. You will get the help you need to get you on a healthy path of recovery.

Group participation is a big part of treatment at our Mechanicsville drug rehab center. When you attend group meetings, you will hear how others are struggling with addiction and trying to cope with all that has happened in their lives because of the disease. This is a safe, comfortable environment, and one in which many people find a community of friends that stay in contact after leaving the facility. Recovery is more successful when you are able to surround yourself with people who understand what you are going through.

Treatment planning is also an important part of your treatment at our Mechanicsville drug rehab clinic. You will talk with a counselor and develop a treatment plan for recovery. This plan is designed specifically for you, and can be altered throughout when necessary. You should be honest with your counselor, especially if you are not ready to return to daily life.

The process of recovery takes time. While you may spend a few days in a supervised detox facility, this is just the start of recovery. You have options. You may attend a program as an outpatient, or you can go to a more supervised residential setting for a longer period of time.

Your recovery depends on your commitment to the process. Try to learn from your peers and don’t be afraid to ask for help from those around you. Don’t be afraid to call us now. Our addiction treatment center in Mechanicsville, Virginia is here for you.

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