Oakton Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Find Your Sobriety with Professional Treatment

Professional treatment in our Oakton, Virginia drug rehab center is your best chance at success when you are addicted to drugs or alcohol. In our addiction treatment center, you will get the supervision necessary to stay safe throughout the process. It isn’t always easy to detox, and the withdrawal symptoms can be hard to deal with. For those people who try to detox at home, the withdrawal symptoms can lead to a fast relapse.

Our Oakton, Virginia substance abuse treatment facility is designed for the comfort of the clients treated there. You will find a compassionate, professional environment where you feel well cared for. You are at a vulnerable point in your life, and you need the quality care of addiction counselors in order to begin to heal from your addiction.

Our Oakton, Virginia drug rehab clinic should be able to meet all of your mental health needs. If you are an individual who has a diagnosed mental illness that exacerbates your abuse of substances, you’ll want to choose our addiction recovery center, where we offer treatment for individuals struggling with a co-occurring mental health disorder. This means that you can focus on your addiction recovery and mental health concerns at the same time, giving you a better chance of attaining recovery.

Treatment can take a number of forms, but it generally starts with a period of supervised detox. Once you physically remove drugs or alcohol from your system, you can move on to the rehabilitation phase of treatment. For some people, this means staying in our short term addiction recovery facility for a few weeks. For others, rehabilitation can include short term, long term rehab, and a stay at our sober living facility. Each person is different, and you will talk with a counselor to develop a treatment plan that is right for you.

When you are in our Oakton, Virginia addiction treatment clinic, you will be expected to attend groups throughout the day. This is a good time for you to get to know others who are dealing with addiction in their lives and hear the stories of each client. You will have the opportunity to share your own story and be able to talk over any problems you are struggling with in your newly discovered sobriety.

You will be encouraged to attend groups once you leave our Oakton, Virginia drug rehab facility. There are often groups in your community that help those who are trying to remain sober support one another. Recovery is a process, and you can learn a lot simply by going to meetings and listening to those who speak about their own issues with recovery.

Once you return home to your community, your recovery will continue. To ensure you have a professional person you can talk to when you are feeling stressed, it is always good to begin working with an individual therapist. You can develop a relationship with a therapist who will support you throughout your recovery.

Continue to build a support network of peers around you. Always look for ways to manage your stress, and this will aid you in your everyday life. At our Oakton, Virginia addiction recovery treatment center, we can get you the help you need.

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