Petersburg Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The Process of Recovery is Unique for Everyone

When you are living the life of drug addiction, life can feel completely out of control. When you begin treatment at our drug rehab center in Petersburg, Virginia, you are taking your life back from addiction. You’ll begin with supervised detox to withdrawal from substances. The withdrawal period can be uncomfortable, and your best option is to go through supervised detox at an Addiction Now treatment clinic. While you may think that stopping at home on your own is a good idea, this is never recommended.

As you recover from your addition at our Petersburg substance abuse treatment facility, you will work with a counselor to design a treatment plan to meet your needs. This is a unique plan designed for you that you will follow carefully during your recovery. Each treatment plan is different, and you will have the voice to determine what treatment will work best for you. As you work with your counselors, it is best to be honest about your feelings. If you return home before you have fully worked on the underlying factors of your addiction, you have a higher chance of a relapse.

The community that is built at our Petersburg addiction treatment center will help you get through this. One of the foundations of addiction treatment is to learn from your peers. This is facilitated by group sessions at our addiction recovery center to share insightful advice and stories. You will get more out of the rehabilitation process if you are honest during meetings and use the time to learn about your addiction. You will share your story and look for new ways to deal with triggers that led to your addiction in the first place.

Recovery is a process that goes on for a lifetime. When you are feeling stressed, you will learn to recognize when you have desire to use substances, and why. If you don’t have your urges under control, this usually indicates that you aren’t learning the coping skills necessary to live a more productive life. You can always reach out to your support system you have built at the substance abuse treatment facility in Petersburg. Never be afraid to ask for help to maintain your sobriety.

When you are a person who has a mental health diagnosis, finding treatment for dual diagnosis is crucial. Dual diagnosis means that you need treatment for both your mental health concerns and substance abuse at the same time. When you receive dual diagnosis treatment, you can focus on both your mental health and substance abuse to solve your overall problems.

As you move along in your years of recovery, you may find yourself back in an addiction recovery facility. Relapse is a part of recovery. While you may be upset with yourself, the positive news is that you have continued treatment.

Your life matters. Successful sobriety can be accomplished. When you make a mistake, you can get yourself back on the right path. Never take sobriety for granted, and stay focused on your needs. All you have to do is call Addiction Now to begin your treatment by setting up an appointment for a free consultation at our addiction treatment center in Petersburg, Virginia.

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