Sterling Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Enrolling at our Sterling, Virginia drug rehab center to seek treatment is a major decision in the lives of clients who have had enough of substance abuse. Addiction is difficult or even impossible to beat on your own, but with the help of the qualified professionals at our drug rehab clinic, you can reach your recovery goals. Choosing the right clinic is essential to long-term recovery success.

Our Sterling, Virginia addiction treatment center consistently gets results because we have a treatment program designed to heal the whole person. Taking into account co-occurring mental health conditions, physical health, safety, and the need for community, we do everything possible to ensure that when a client graduates from our addiction recovery program, they are prepared to maintain their recovery. Here’s how we accomplish this.

An environment that fosters client openness

Our Sterling, Virginia addiction recovery facility recognizes that our clients are our best resource when it comes to putting together an appropriate treatment plan. This is why we focus on creating an environment where clients feel empowered to speak about their progress and their needs. We listen to what they have to say, putting together an individualized treatment plan that will take a client from supervised detox to dual diagnosis treatment and into aftercare. It’s only through listening and building a specific plan with the client that we can ensure the best chance at recovery.

Why supervised detox matters

Our supervised detox ensures that a member of our staff is looking out for clients while they are getting started on their journey. At our Sterling, Virginia drug rehab clinic, we understand how hard the first days of recovery can be. The body needs to heal. Sometimes, it won’t be pleasant for the client. If they can stick it out, though, they’ll be on their way to recovery. By ensuring that a professional is with them, we’re able to create better results during this part of the process.

Treatment that addresses the mind and body

At our Sterling, Virginia addiction treatment clinic, we have extensive experience running our substance abuse treatment facility. In some instances, clients are dealing with both an addiction and a co-occurring mental health issue that has not been adequately diagnosed or treated. We provide the treatment these clients need by ensuring that both the addiction and the co-occurring disorder are treated with dual diagnosis mental health treatment. By dealing with co-occurring mental health issues, we’re better able to ensure that our clients are getting what they need to cure addiction from the ground up.

Where community matters and safety comes first

If you drop off a loved one at our Sterling, Virginia addiction recovery center, you deserve to rest easy in the knowledge that they will be safe. We’ve taken great pains to cultivate an environment where recovery can happen while clients also feel safe.

Contact us today and you can begin your journey to recovery right now.

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