West Falls Church Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Addiction feels like a personal struggle, and those dealing with addiction often find themselves feeling isolated. Fortunately, there are experts willing to help who understand how addiction works. Here are some ways our addiction treatment center in West Falls Church, Virginia helps clients achieve sobriety today for a better tomorrow.

Short-Term Sobriety

The first step toward long-term sobriety is attaining sobriety it in the short term. At our West Falls Church addiction treatment clinic, clients will be able to go through the detoxification phase of recovery under supervision, ensuring problems are handled in a timely manner. Although urges to use will likely remain, having a clear mind can help you make the most of the other phases of recovery.

Meeting Your Therapists

Early on in the recovery process, you’ll meet with an individual therapist who will work with you while at our West Falls Church substance abuse treatment facility. Individual therapy is a valuable part of the dual diagnosis approach we employ; all clients will work on both their addiction as well as other problems that make addiction even more difficult to defeat. Therapy provides an opportunity to uncover the nature of your individual addiction and craft an individually tailored program to your specific needs.

Feeling Safe

Addiction can cause people to wind up in potentially dangerous situations. Over time, you can feel as if there’s no way you’ll ever feel safe and supported again. Our drug rehab center in West Falls Church offers you a safe and welcoming environment, letting you get through your days without worrying about problems you faced while you continued using. This environment gives you a chance to reflect and relax.

Supportive Groups

Dealing with addiction can cause people to become closed off from the world. Support groups provide a venue for opening up and being honest with others. At our addiction recovery facility in West Falls Church, Virginia, group meetings serve as a valuable tool for finding out how addiction affects others, and the bonds made in these meetings will continue during the aftercare phase.

Crafting a Plan

Beating addiction requires a proactive approach. While at our West Falls Church drug rehab clinic, you’ll form a plan for the future. Reintegrating yourself after your initial therapy ends can be difficult, but the tools you learn will help ensure your success. Furthermore, the people you meet will be there to help you if you experience trouble along the way.

It’s often only after leaving an addiction recovery center that people realize how courageous asking for help truly was. While the battle for sobriety over the long term is a challenging one, you’ll become better and better over time, eventually making addiction seem like a thing of the past that no longer disturbs your daily life. Don’t wait any longer, give Addiction Now a call today.

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