Lacey Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Addiction Treatment to Get Your Life Back

When you go to our Lacey, Washington drug rehab clinic for addiction treatment, you will find a compassionate environment in which to safely detox from the drugs or alcohol you have become addicted to. While some individuals try to detox at home alone, you have a much higher chance at success when you are supervised in our addiction treatment clinic. Your safety is important, and trying to detox at home alone is not recommended because you may need help that you can’t access if you are not being supervised.

Treatment at our Lacey, Washington substance abuse treatment facility is a bit different for everyone. You’ll be assigned a counselor that will work with you and create a treatment plan for you to follow. You will have plenty of input on your treatment plan, and you can change parts of your plan as desired. The treatment plan is meant to be a guide for you during your recovery process. Only when you know what is really working and what needs to be changed in order for you to reach your goals for recovery.

Quality care is always the goal at our Lacey, Washington addiction recovery facility. The counselors work hard to create an environment that is comfortable and safe for everyone. You’ll spend time in group meetings, which is where you will start building friendships with other people who are struggling with similar issues. Peer support is a big part of recovery, and you will learn this lesson as you listen to the stories of other individuals who are working a program of recovery.

If you have a co-occurring mental health condition, you’ll want to find a drug rehab center that offers dual diagnosis treatment. Many people who are trying to overcome addiction also have a co-occurring mental health disorder. A treatment program for dual diagnosis means that you will be treated for your addiction, but there will also be a focus on treating your co-occurring mental health disorder.

Once you complete a supervised detox in our addiction recovery center, you’ll begin working on the emotional effects of addiction. Instead of turning to drugs or alcohol when you are feeling stressed out, you will learn new coping skills that allow you to handle difficult situations more constructively. Some people return home after a short stay in our Lacey, Washington addiction treatment center, while others move on to a longer term program.

The process of rehabilitation goes on after detox, no matter where you are living. You’ll be encouraged to work with a therapist so that you have professional support when you return home. Groups are available in your community, and you will have the peer support you need if you decide to attend groups in your area.

When you can implement ways in your life to reduce stress, you will find that life becomes more manageable. As you move along with your recovery, sobriety will become easier. Pay attention to those around you, and reach out for support when you are feeling down. Peer support is an integral part of a successful recovery. At our addiction recovery center, we can get you the help you need.

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