Longview Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Change Your Life and Story With Our Help

At our substance abuse treatment facility in Longview, Washington, our experts can help you overcome addiction. No one should have to go through the process of detoxification on their own, and reaching and maintaining recovery is more attainable with the help of a qualified drug rehab clinic. Our addiction treatment center welcome our clients with open arms, as well as with a readiness to battle alongside them against the toxins that have taken saturated their body and mind.

However, one of the biggest hurdles is getting yourself or a loved one into an addiction recovery center in the first place. Many times, a reluctance to go is due to being uninformed about what goes on at our Longview, Washington substance abuse treatment facility. Knowing what you will be taking part in at our drug rehab clinic is the first step to a successful recovery.

The Intake Process

When you become a client by enrolling at our drug rehab clinic, the first step will be sitting down with us and providing us with information about your situation. This is known as the intake process. You’ll speak with our staff concerning your current situation, what type of treatment you wish to have, the drugs you are currently taking, and other details. We can then come up with the best personalized course of action concerning your addiction, one that will work the best for you as an individual.

Let Us Guide You Through Detox

Our facility is fully prepared to deal with clients who are going through the detoxification process at our Longview, Washington drug rehab center. You will be carefully monitored during your stay by professional staff. We will discuss detox strategies during your intake process and adjust them accordingly during the actual process.

Find Yourself Through Therapy

You’ll be given a number of therapy options as a client at our Longview, Washington drug rehab center. The first is individual counseling sessions, which may include dual diagnosis mental health treatment if you are dealing with a co-occurring mental health disorder. Dual diagnosis therapy addresses the drug addiction and any co-occurring mental health disorder with which you may be struggling.

Group therapy is also highly regarded at our Longview, Washington addiction treatment center. Clients will be able to talk to one another within a completely safe space. We have found that clients who talk openly with their peers find that their battle against addiction is more successful that it might have been otherwise.

We’ll Provide Aftercare for As Long As You Need It

When you graduate from our addiction recovery program, we will be sure you get the benefit of aftercare support. We want to keep the momentum going by providing you with additional assistance throughout your recovery. We can help you with additional therapy options with our clinic, sober living arrangements, local 12-step meetings, and more. We won’t leave you to fight on your own when you commit yourself to our care in one at our Longview, Washington drug rehab facility.

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