Mount Vernon Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Every story of addiction is unique. However, there are established methods for defeating addiction, and those who garner the strength to ask for help from a professional drug rehab clinic can prepare themselves for breaking away from addiction and reaching their recovery goals. Here’s a bit about what you can expect when you seek out help from our Mount Vernon, Washington addiction recovery center.

The Intake Process

Before recovery can begin, you’ll need to work with the friendly and welcoming experts at our Mount Vernon, Washington addiction treatment center to uncover any history of addiction you may have. This information helps experts assess what’s best for you and prepare a plan for detoxification. The experts at our drug rehab center in Mount Vernon, Washington will provide monitoring while you’re experiencing withdrawal symptoms, ensuring you receive the care and support you need.

Types of Therapy

There are two primary types of therapy sessions we use at our Mount Vernon, Washington substance abuse treatment facility for recovery: individual and group sessions. Individual sessions focus on your personal experiences, and these sessions give you a place for opening up in complete confidence, even if doing so is uncomfortable at first. Group sessions let you share your experiences with addiction and receive encouraging words from other who genuinely care about you. Perhaps even more important, group sessions let you offer kind words of encouragement to others. Watching other people succeed can offer valuable motivation along the way.

The Dual Diagnosis Approach

Many people think addiction recovery focuses exclusively on addiction itself. However, the best way to tackle addiction is to also be sure to diagnosis and treat any co-occurring mental health disorders that may be present. We believe in taking the dual diagnosis approach at our addiction recovery center in Mount Vernon, Washington, and the treatment you receive from the start for co-occurring disorders will help you maintain your recovery.

Building a Sober Life

Once free from the daily struggles people with addiction face, many feel both excited and sometimes nervous. Time spent at our Mount Vernon, Washington addiction treatment clinic will help you avoid the stresses of managing an active addiction, and you’ll start to see how less stressful sober life can be. At the same time, you’ll work to build healthy habits and find out how sobriety can help you achieve your goals, including goals you may have given up on due to addiction.

Relying on Others

Ongoing maintenance is important for maintaining your sobriety, and those you meet while at our drug rehab clinic in Mount Vernon, Washington will be by your side, giving you the support you need if you’re looking for someone to listen to what you have to say. Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to offer this support to others, and this accountability can help you feel proud of maintaining your recovery.

There’s no simple solution to addiction, and it requires building a versatile set of techniques to adequately overcome substance abuse. Our Mount Vernon, Washington addiction recovery facility relies on powerful and proven treatment strategies, so know that reaching out can help you reach your sobriety goals and maintain them.

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