Parkland Drug and Alcohol Rehab

For anyone struggling with addiction, professional support will prove to be an invaluable tool. Recovery is a long-term process and it entails multiple steps. At our Parkland, Washington substance abuse treatment facility, we provide support for every step along the way.

Physical and Mental Withdrawal Symptoms

After realizing they need help, people facing addiction must work through withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can be intense, but experts at our Parkland, Washington addiction treatment center will provide supervision to ensure you’re safe and comfortable. Supervised detox is one of the best tools we can offer to clients to ensure their successful recovery.

Meeting an Individual Counselor

It’s common for people to feel reluctant to try out therapy, but people facing addiction often find it to be tremendously useful. Your individual therapist will encourage you to be open and honest, and the relationship you create will help you learn about your addiction and learn techniques for managing both short-term concerns and any long-term concerns you might have.

Dual Diagnosis

Sometimes, co-occurring mental health conditions can complicate or contribute to addiction. A co-occurring disorder can make the process of recovery more complicated, as well. Fortunately, dual diagnosis mental health treatment is an effective method of treating clients who struggle with both an addiction and a co-occurring disorder.

Safe Environment

Daily life while struggling with addiction can be tough. One of the most useful resources at our Parkland, Washington addiction recovery center is the safe environment we provide. Feeling safe helps clients open up and look at their addiction in an objective manner, and it frees their minds to focus on how to maintain their recovery. While treatments can be challenging, enrolling at our drug rehab clinic in Parkland, Washington can help you achieve your goals for recovery.

Facing Addiction with a Team

In terms of long-term recovery, the group therapy offered at our Parkland, Washington addiction treatment clinic can provide you with a framework for a sober support network that persists well after you’ve graduated from our addiction recovery program. Group settings provide a venue for hearing from others who have struggled with addiction, and also opening up and sharing what’s concerning and encouraging about your own struggles. Furthermore, these sessions let you connect with others who can provide support for years to come. Group sessions continue long after you’ve left.

Long-Term Care

No two people will have the same aftercare plan, and we’ll work at our drug rehab center in Parkland, Washington to create the best plan for you. Ongoing individual therapy will likely be a component to help you continue working through various issues you face, including addiction. Attending group meetings will likely be a part of your aftercare support plan, as well. Over time, your plan for maintaining sobriety might change, but this early planning will help you succeed.

Our Parkland, Washington addiction recovery facility will arm you with powerful skills for ensuring your recovery. There may be bumps along the way, but we’ll help you find the right plan for reaping the many benefits of long-term recovery from addiction.

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