Puyallup Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Treatment for Addiction Starts with Supervised Detox

When you first enter our Puyallup, Washington drug rehab center, you may be worried about what your experience may be like. In our supervised addiction treatment center, you will have support from the staff as you go through the withdrawal process. You can expect to be comfortable and treated with respect. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and meet others who are going through a similar process. You will discover that you had nothing to worry about when entering our facility, and only recovery to gain.

If you are struggling with a co-occurring mental health disorder as well as addiction, you will need to find an addiction recovery facility that offers treatment for those with dual diagnosis. At our drug rehab center, you can get the support you need to work through your addiction while being mindful of your co-occurring mental health needs. Recovery from addiction is a process, and one that needs to include mental health treatment if you have a diagnosis.

If you have ever tried to detox by yourself, then you understand how hard it can be. Trying to withdraw from substances without professional guidance often leads to relapse. When the symptoms of withdrawal begin to take over, it is almost impossible to prevent a relapse. We can provide you with the support your need at our Puyallup, Washington drug rehab clinic. You are a strong person for realizing that addiction is a disease and you need to do whatever you can to get control of the disease.

When you are in our Puyallup, Washington substance abuse treatment facility, there will be a big focus on attending group therapy. You will meet other people who are working on their own recovery, and it will help you to listen to the stories shared by others. When you feel comfortable, share some of your own story to give others insight into the life you have been leading. You never know whether something you are about to share is going to help someone else in their own recovery.

As you go through rehabilitation, you will create a personalized treatment plan with a counselor at our Puyallup, Washington addiction recovery center. You will outline what you want to get out of treatment and your plan for reaching those goals. You can discuss what type of programs you want to attend, and if you are ready to return home. Some people return home after a short stay in rehab, while others prefer the structure offered at our addiction treatment clinic for long term rehabilitation.

Your recovery is your own. You will discover that some techniques to help you overcome stress will work, while others won’t be very effective. Keep on learning. If you have questions or you are feeling out of sorts, it’s time to reach out to those you have met along the way.

A strong support network is going to get you through the times when you feel like you want to use substances again. It is during moments of high stress that you have to talk with people in your support network and ask for the help you need.

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