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Supervised detox and rehabilitation is essential for individuals experiencing opiate withdrawal symptoms. Opiate withdrawal occurs in three stages, including the early stage, marked by the start of uncomfortable physical symptoms, the peak stage, marked by the most intense physical symptoms, and the long-term stage, marked by psychological symptoms. Opiate withdrawal in the early stages had been compared to flu-like symptoms, though the intensity of these symptoms is vastly stronger than flu symptoms.

Because opiate withdrawal symptoms are so intense, opiate-dependent individuals need to detox at our Brookhaven, West Virginia addiction treatment center. Opiate dependence causes chemical changes in the brain. The opiates bind to the receptors in the nerve cells that cause pain and to the receptors of the nerve cells that cause pleasure. As a result, opiates relieve pain while activating the brain’s reward center. Dependence occurs when the brain changes to accommodate the presence of the opiate. At this point, if the opiate is not continued, the body experiences opiate withdrawal.

When clients coping with opiate withdrawal enter our addiction recovery facility, they receive special attention and strict monitoring of their conditions as they progress through the stages of withdrawal. Clients will start in supervised detox, where their physical symptoms are managed and they are kept safe. Treatment provides comfort and relief. As physical symptoms subside they will be transferred from detox to rehabilitation, where they will receive therapy aimed at helping them overcome addictive behavior.

The first stage of opiate withdrawal starts 12 to 24 hours after the last opiate is taken. At peak, symptoms become intense and in some cases dangerous. Supervised detox at our Brookhaven, West Virginia drug rehab center treats these symptoms and manages the client’s health. Approximately 7 to 10 days after the cessation of opiates, the long-term stage begins.

While clients are at our Brookhaven, West Virginia drug rehab clinic, they receive therapy aimed at counteracting these long-term psychological symptoms. We provide our clients with the benefit of dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Our goal is to treat any co-occurring mental health conditions along with addiction. Because co-occurring mental health conditions can contribute to opiate addiction, comprehensive treatment must include both.

Our Brookhaven, West Virginia substance abuse treatment facility provides a community in which open communication is encouraged. By providing a safe environment, our addiction recovery center encourages clients to open up about their struggles. Working with professionals on an individualized treatment plan, they are able to find ways to cope with the triggers that caused them to become dependent on opiates and find ways to avoid repeating addictive behaviors.

An important part of every client’s treatment plan is aftercare. When clients leave our Brookhaven, West Virginia addiction treatment clinic, they are passed the early withdrawal stages, feeling like themselves, and armed with strategies to avoid opiate dependence. Aftercare provides ongoing support as they navigate life while going through the long-term stage of opiate withdrawal. By having ongoing therapy and support, they are able to live opiate-free lives.

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