Charles Town Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Addictions are often complicated by co-occurring mental and physical ailments. These conditions must be addressed during a client’s stay at the addiction treatment center to maximize the efficacy of recovery. Often, a co-occurring mental health condition is exacerbating the addiction. For rehabilitation to be effective, co-occurring conditions and addiction must be treated simultaneously.

When clients are admitted to our secure addiction recovery center in Charles Town, West Virginia, our staff takes the time to thoroughly evaluate them for any co-occurring mental health conditions. Some conditions are not directly related to the addiction, but need to be monitored and treated because they can be affected by the body’s natural detoxification process.

Many health conditions are also aggravated by addiction. Supervised detoxification is crucial when monitoring these symptoms in order to provide prompt treatment whenever necessary. Individuals suffering addiction who have other health conditions should enter detox immediately, because their condition may be aggravated by substance abuse.

Some conditions are interrelated to the addiction. Sometimes, those experiencing intense pain who have taken large amounts of painkilling drugs need to enter an addiction recovery center to cope with the effects of withdrawal. Supervised detoxification is crucial because of the intense, acute symptoms that may be experienced in the first days after the painkilling drugs are stopped. These symptoms lead to rapid relapse in many cases because of the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms, unless the individual experiencing them has the benefit of supervised detox. During supervised detox, the symptoms are managed and comfort is maximized.

We recognize that many people entering our Charles Town, West Virginia substance abuse treatment facility also struggle with co-occurring mental conditions. These conditions are often either aggravated by the substance abuse, or can prove to be a contributing factor in the addiction. Our friendly staff is trained to identify mental health conditions that are complicating the detox and rehabilitation process, and manage their symptoms to ensure successful recovery.

The dual diagnosis approach is essential for successful rehab because it prepares clients to remain addiction free when they leave our Charles Town, West Virginia addiction treatment clinic. Contributing factors must always be addressed. For example, a client struggling with depression needs to have the depression under control so that symptoms do not reappear and trigger relapse.

All clients benefit from an individualized treatment plan. Individualized treatment looks at all clients as human beings with their own unique reasons for entering our Charles Town, West Virginia addiction recovery facility. Goals that suit the individual are always developed.

After supervised detox, clients enter a supportive rehabilitation community invested in their recovery. Members of our community are never judged and always encouraged to be honest and stand by each other. Therapy works best when individuals feel they can share.

Aftercare is essential. When individuals leave our Charles Town, West Virginia drug rehab center, they often feel empowered and happy. However, we recognize that once clients leave rehab, challenges arise that can lead to relapse. By continuing to work with our clients through our drug rehab clinic aftercare program, we ensure our clients continue to receive the care they need to remain drug free.

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