Princeton Drug and Alcohol Rehab

A Pressing Issue

Have you felt concern recently about your drug use? Addictions impact millions of lives around the world today. Many households have endured great hardship because of it. Finding the right addiction treatment center to assist a loved one may open the door to a brighter future.

Take Action Now

The actions you take today for yourself or your loved one can make a big difference in your life. The first phone call you make to an addiction recovery facility requires courage. Yet taking this step helps place you in a more empowered position. We want to let you know more about our addiction treatment clinic in Princeton, West Virginia. It has helped many families. This information can assist you in making an informed, constructive decision.

Our Individualized Process

We strive to serve our clients and treat them as individuals. Every human being possess unique characteristics and personalities that frequently experience highly personal challenges. We don’t believe a drug rehab center can help clients by treating them in with “run-off-the-mill” programs. Instead, we develop individualized treatment plans that seek to address the problems faced by each person. We believe dual diagnosis mental health treatment programs should be implemented to get down to the root cause of the addiction.

Supervision, Care and Community

Our addiction recovery center in Princeton offers a combination of supervision, care and community. All three elements contribute to our efforts:


We support carefully supervised detoxification efforts. This vital first step helps our clients regain control over their lives. It supplies a necessary prerequisite for our treatment efforts.


Our substance abuse treatment facility in Princeton endeavors to provide a safe and caring environment. Our staff maintains confidentiality as we strive to stimulate supportive and honest discussions. We want our clients to feel comfortable communicating. We design individualized treatment programs tailored to meet the needs of each individual.


Finally, we appreciate the importance of community to assist our clients as they work to achieve enduring changes in their lives. When clients enter our program, we provide helpful solutions by creating a support network. Our drug rehab clinic in Princeton, West Virginia seeks to improve the chance for better long term outcomes. Our clients reside in markedly different aftercare settings, but they can all draw upon a supportive community framework to assist them. We believe this resource provides benefits for our clients weeks, months, and even years later after they leave our facility.

A Fresh Start Begins With You!

If you think our program could offer valuable assistance to yourself or your loved one, we urge you to contact us to obtain further information. We offer a caring and supportive environment for our clients. Taking action now to learn more about our program can help your household enjoy a happier, more fulfilling future. Resolve to take action today! Call Addiction Now immediately.

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